Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cleaning out the inbox...

So, I am taking a break from my final 25% off day at Target...(whew...spent over $300 already...all on boring stuff like toilet paper and ziploc bags!) and have decided to clean out parts of my inbox. 

I found this email I sent to a few friends after St. Patrick's Day, to let them know how crazy my job is!...this is after they handed out free green bagels that morning...

Partner: That is a really green bagel…*he is not smiling*

Me: Yes. I usually don’t eat stuff with food coloring, but I am embracing the green today! *said happily, smiling*
Partner: Why?
Me: Because it is St. Patrick’s day!
Partner: I know, so you should wear it.
Me: I am wearing green.
Partner: No, you should wear your bagel on your head. *said seriously and he walks away*
Me: Ummm..okay.

People are losing it around here!!!!

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  1. Because I'm a math do know that your Target discount is only 23.05% right? :) Gosh I'm a loser.