Monday, May 2, 2011

Crafty update

Last night I realized Mother's Day was a week away...yikes! I was planning on finishing this hardanger for my mom since she loves Lilies of the Valley...tonight I finished the stitching on all the main is the cutting, and then winding...there are some little cross-stitches that should be done going all the way around, but I dunno if I am going to do those or not...either way...I don't know if I am going to finish on time. 

so pretty though...

And on Thursday, despite my huge to-do list, I kept Evan home with me and then decided to work on some Snap Purses....I was just longing for something new to do.  You make them out of two fat quarters so how frickin' easy is that....I have made nine of took me about 3 hours to cut all the pieces, about 3 hours to sew them as far as they are below...I've even made some "boy" ones as you can see -- Tonka Trucks!  I am so excited to start cutting the measuring tape up and finish these...but am wondering if I should add some buttons and sequins and stuff..wouldn't that be fun?!!!

That's all for now on the crafty update. 

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