Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dandelions in the wind...

A week or so ago there were no dandelions around.   Then it rained, and got really warm, and all of these yellow flowers popped up everywhere. 

Nathan loved it.   He picked one at school and must have hauled it around quite a while one day because he proudly gave me a "purty flower" when I picked him up that had pretty much been squished into nothingness.  I was proud to receive it. 

But it only took a few days for all of the pretty yellow flowers to go to seed, and today when it was windy, the sky was full of the dandelion seeds flying around all over like crazy. 

I went for an eight mile bike ride tonight, and I thought about this.  It seems like when these seeds fly around they have no purpose...they are just getting blown around every which way without any sort of direction.  It made me think how life is like we just tend to get caught up in our little tiny area of life and let ourselves just get blown all over the place. 

I started to feel kind of sorry of myself, and for everyone, because life is completely out of our control, and we are just along for the ride...a mentor and friend of mine had horrible news to share today...her two year old daughter is very sick, leukemia, and I just thought and thought about that and how it is just crap...just completely random that this is happening to her, just completely crappy that somehow her path was to struggle through this...argh!!  just like the direction, no plan, nothing! just flying along on the wind not able to do or change anything.  I started to get dang pissed....

But, then I realized something, and I just started to smile.  Obviously the dandelion craziness is working for the dandelion -- I looked around --  they are frickin' everywhere!!  Anywhere there is a wee bit of dirt, there's a dandelion plugging along.  Those dandelions may not have any control, but they are thriving.  The dandelion knows better than I trust and hang on for the ride!  None of us know why some dandelions land where they do...but God does.  He knows.  He's in control.  And the dandelions trust Him...and they thrive. 
Oh to be like the dandelion in the wind...that is my prayer tonight... 

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  1. Cool post. I have a new love of dandelions.

    -Chris F.