Saturday, May 28, 2011

The elusive walleye stays elusive!

So, we were supposed to go walleye fishing on Sunday or Monday, depending on the weather.  Well, friends of my parents decide like a week ago to invite the entire family over to their place on Sunday afternoon for some, then we decided to go on Friday.  Well, yesterday was cloudy, windy, cold, and wet.  And the fish...what fish?!  I think the lake was void of fish....  So, we got skunked.  Stinkin' walleye. 

I honestly don't know if I will go again...Chris and Kevin were like, "this is nothing! (referring to the weather, the wind, the cold, etc...) this is how it is...this is how you catch walleyes..."  I got sick of hearing it.    I kept thinking, well, if this is how it is, I probably won't ever catch a walleye.   I'll stick to calm, quiet lakes on bright, sunny days where I can catch sunnies. 

Last Friday Chris and his dad started on the subfloor in our laundry room. 

It wasn't long before the beams were up, and the room suddenly became much smaller.

On Sunday we went with some friends to the Blaine airport for their airport was wet, rainy, and cold.  I got a few pictures though...thankfully we left before the horrible storms rolled in..the sirens went off, and I went into "tornado mode" and our guests even huddled in our crawl space with us for 30 minutes.  I was glad though...better safe than sorry!  All ended up well though...and we had fun and the kids were going in Nathan and their daughter Anna. 

Here are the boys in front of an airplace...

I love that Anna's shirt says "critterlicious!"

Nathan thought this firetruck was beyond cool. 
 On Monday Chris and his dad worked on the ceiling some more, and roughed in the closet.  You can kind of start to see where this is going now...the closet is going to have shelves on the left, and then room for coats to hang out in the back, and a space for a broom or two as well. 

This is the access to the storage -- pull down steps, which still need to be modified.  We looked to see if we could crawl in from upstairs, but there wasn't enough clearance...

On Monday night while Daddy and Grandpa worked, Nathan and Evan took a bath together for the first time (usually Nathan doesn't want to share the tub). 

You wouldn't ever believe that a few weeks ago Evan would SCREAM when we put him in we can't keep him out of it...and now he SCREAMS when you take him out before his brother.  goodness!
Here he is crying...wanting to go back into the tub with Nathan!
That's all for now...the boys are currently watching Bolt and I am about to make Evan his  bedtime bottle and put him to bed.  He got the latest virus again and is majorly congested, and has crap coming out of his eyes again, poor boy.  Daddy is out playing with friends today, so I have been busy doing all the household (can we say 8 loads of laundry? yup.  and cleaning.  and putting away.  and washing) stuff.  But, I did manage one "big" errand...Uncle Kevin came over and helped me run down to Fireside to pick up our granite and mantel!  yae!!  now all I have to do (ha ha) is stain and varnish it, and then have Chris put it up, and it is one big project off the list.

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