Friday, May 13, 2011

I thought I wrote a blog post yesterday...

but maybe I was just doing it in my head...because I don't see it on here...and, in addition, I have been so distracted lately I have been doing weird, last night, I went to throw out the tablespoon or so of my beverage in the sink and i put it in the garbage instead.

As I dumped it into the garbage, I was like...what am I doing? 

Then, later, I go to wash my hands, turn on the faucet and then pump the soap from the dispenser into the sink (not into my hands) and I am like, what the heck am I doing?

I guess thinking about work, and life, and healthcare, and two sick kids (had a puker and a pooper this week, to put it mildly) have me *slightly* distracted. 

Did I leave the clothes in the dryer?

Did I take the diapers outside?

What did I do with my cup?  (later I will find I have like 5 cups all over the house...)

I would say I was tired...but I am not tired...the wheels in my mind are on overdrive.

I think I need a mental vacation.


  1. I know what you mean about doing things and wondering why you are doing them...I have been doing that A LOT lately too! However, you may not have to worry about the blog post thing, because Blogger was down for a while and they reported that they had to delete posts that were posted from Wednesday on, but were supposed to restore you may find that it comes back...if you really did write it :)

  2. I second the blogger thing. It has been mental the past couple days. I still can't center my text.