Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Monday...Last Day of swimming lessons

Last Monday Nathan had his last week of swimming lessons...for weeks he had been refusing to jump into the water -- we weren't sure why, but something scared him.  We tried everything to convince him it was fun to jump in -- but he was not having it!  The past two weeks I had to go down below (usually i sit up top and watch) and pick Nathan up and toss him in the water because he wouldn't go in. 

 Before this last class, I started to talk to him about it, because he jumps like a crazy daredevil at home (off the couch, off the beds, off the walls...etc!) and he goes, "Mom, I don't want to talk about it.  Stop talking about it!" And so I stopped talking about --- when he and Daddy got to the pool...guess who jumped in?!!

Look at that splash! 
I seriously had to restrain myself from jumping up and yelling, "Yae Nathan!! You did it!  You jumped in!  Way to go!!  It's about frickin' time!" It reminded me of the time when he waved when I asked him to, or when he finally went #2 after months of holding it...only another Mom will understand that feeling...I wish I could explain it better... 
Jumping into the deep end!  go Nathan!

He was the best backfloater...Monkey Airplane Soldier!
Since he did awesome, and because it was his last class, we went to McDonalds for dinner, and Nathan was so excited because actually went in rather than through the drive-thru...

And Daddy bought us ice cream after dinner!!  Yum!  It had been awhile since I had McDonald's ice cream...it was good. 

On Tuesday Chris decided to tackle the tree that half fell over in a bad storm last summer...as you can see, it was at about a 45 degree angle -- the base was rotting.  In addition to this tree, we have about 6 more trees that have bit the dust to the right of this one that need to be removed...it is a lot of work though. 

Timber!  Our neighbors wanted the wood, so they came over and helped Chris -- which was great.  He got out his Chevy truck and helped rip the stump out of the ground. 

I love this picture...Nathan was watching so closely...

And lastly, a picture of Evan on the move...he definately doesn't like being left behind, and knows how to tell us he is dang pissed if we do!

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