Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mommy...Evan peed in my room...

Last Monday we came home and I immediately put Evan in the tub because he had bad bad diaper rash. 

After the tub I let him "air out"...

I needed to change my clothes so I put Evan in Nathan's room and told Nathan to keep the door shut for a few minutes so Evan couldn't escape. 

Those two were having a ball....laughing and giggling at each other...i heard Nathan jumping off the bed and then Evan would just laugh and was fun to listen to...all of a sudden, Nathan got a mad voice and goes "Evan, you stay here!" and then I hear Nathan open and close his door, so I asked Nathan what was wrong, he goes, "Mommy, Evan peed in my room!  On my blanket!  all over!"

Nathan was so serious it just made me laugh.  He was very upset until I told him he could help me clean it up with the spray bottle...then he decided it was totally awesome Evan peed on his floor (he loves using the spray bottle...what kid doesn't?!)

Note the cute baby bum in the corner!
 Those two just love playing with each other...most of the Nathan was trying to stay away from Evan...Evan wasn't having it!

He is such a little boy now...
 Last Friday it got so frickin' cold, I was lucky I found a hat I forgot to put away in the Acadia and then I left Evan in his flannel pj's when we went for a walk.  He stayed home with me Thursday and Friday because he wasn't feeling well...he looked so goofy I had to take a picture. 

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