Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday Surprise!

Friday was a tad more stressful than I thought.  Chris stayed home from work so he could do some shopping with me for some looooooonnnng overdue items for our house (but, you can't get everything when you want it, some things just have to wait!).  I had coffee with a friend and then we headed out.  We found a wood surround and some granite for our fireplace, which was really exciting.  It was about a $1,000 less than what I had in my head too because we don't need a custom one and we are staining it and varnishing it ourselves. 

But, then we headed over to the tile place to get ideas for a backsplash for our kitchen.  I got a call from work which was a big downer...suddenly this client (who was been kind of ridiculous lately) wanted something that is only 50% done.  Frustration.  Then, after that, a sales person came over and asked us what we were looking for, and we told him, and then he asked us what our countertops were, and I said formica, and he made a face! 

Can we say granite/silestone/cambria countertop snobs! 
I love my formica.  ha. 
so, we left, I was disgruntled. 
I came home, worked for two hours, had a nice night of Chinese food with my mom, but then worked another two hours, and then went to bed.  whew.

But, Saturday turned out awesome which was a great surprise -- it was Family Fun Day at our daycare and the Silent Auction.  It was supposed to rain, but it was 70 and sunny...I was in charge of the Hula Hoop contest for 1.5 hours...dang, I was tired of Hula Hooping after that!

Here are some pics from that....

Nathan getting a tattoo...

Bean bag toss

Evan in his hat and odd outfit Daddy put him in....

After that, we ran home quick and then got ready to take Grandpa's boat out fishing.  Nathan wasn't going to get a nap today!

These next two pictures are hilarious...because Daddy and Nathan totally look alike...

On the lake!

The fishing started out slow but then Grandpa had these Rapala things and the fish attacked them!  It was crazy and I had never seen anything like that could actually see the fish following the lure and then jump up and grab the thing. 
Nathan driving...

Once we started getting fish, he loved the Live Well!

Getting so big...

Holding his fish..braver than Mommy!
All in all, it was a crazy busy day that was really fun.  Chris and I put the kids to bed once we got home and ordered a pizza.  It was really good.  And then I was really tired.  It definately is different sleeping in a hotter house at night with this weather rather than a cool will take some getting use to!

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