Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weird day.

Today a lot of odd things happened. 

At work, I had to attend an 8 hour ethics class that I thought would be boring.  because almost all ethics classes are...  The instructor opened the class by pulling something out of his pocket and then it erupted into flames - seriously, real flames.  it definately got my attention! 

then he showed movie clips, and it was like a blast from the past...all day long he showed random clips from random things...very thought provoking, clips from Dead Poet's Society, Ghandi, A Beautiful Mind, Life is Beautiful, The Perfect Storm, a Geico Commercial...i found his concepts interesting. 

For instance, he talked about the five "F's" in our lives.  Family, Fun, Faith, Finance and Friends...and you think about how important each of those is in your life...and then what you do is figure out how much time and money you spend on each of those things and see if it lines up...I was thinking about how family and faith is really important to me...but i am not sure if that lines up with how i spent my time or my money...thought provoking for sure...

After class I was walking to the bus, and there were these two girls in front of me discussing something and I wasn't paying attention at all because honestly, I don't really pay attention to people much when I am thinking, and I was thinking.  All of a sudden they stop and the one girl turns around, looks at me and goes, "What color do you think this is?  Is it black, or brown?"  And I was like, "are you asking me about your dress?"  And her friend goes, "yeah!  what color?!" And I am like, "it's black".  And the girl wearing the dress was like, "no it's not!  It's brown!"  And her friend is like, "See?  Total strangers think it is black!" and they start arguing again. 

odd.  and it was definately black.

So, then I get to the bus stop, and it was windy.  It is windy a lot on the street where our bus picks up -- I think it is something to do with the way the city is designed.  So, this older women sitting on the bench suddenly says to me (as I am getting almost knocked down by the wind) that her SIL once was caught in a tornado and she held onto her car for dear life and her garage was lifted up and tossed away by this tornado but her SIL wasn't because she was fat and she held onto her car...and her SIL then swore she would never lose weight after that. 

Then I discover that this all happened when the tornado went through St. Peter which was odd since I knew exactly what she was talking about...well, the bus came and sure enough, she sat next to me.  I was like, oh great....she tried to make small talk but she wasn't very good at it because I responded back to her comment and the wind and she got all snappy and was like, "what are you talking about?!"  (I told her that Chicago really isn't the windiest city and she disagreed and asked me why they call it that then to which I responded "i don't know" and then the conversation died). 

Or so I thought.  When we got to the park and ride, she suddenly tells me, as we drive up on the bus, that she always looks to see if her car is still there.  So, I am like, "why, has it been stolen before?"  And tells me that no, but two weeks ago she left her keys in the car with the car running all day, and she was shocked when she got back to her car that afternoon to find it like that and not stolen. 

How she managed that one, I dunno...

Can't believe tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo already...wasn't it ever even April? 

Not sure if my Shasta Daisies will make it...I think I did the splitting wrong...they look kind of sick...

time for bed.

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  1. Chicago is called the windy city because of the politicians. I think it was around the time of the world's fair here. It is because the politician were so full of hot air...nothing to do with the weather - although it does get windy :-)