Friday, June 17, 2011

June is half over already....

And I have yet to go to the beach!  Although, I have been out on the water twice, and the first time was gorgeous and warm, so maybe that makes up for it.  I would go grab the kids and head over today, but it is cloudy with a chance of storms...and I just looked at the 10 day forecast and everyday except for one it is supposed to rain.  darn.  Maybe it will clear up in time for July 4th. 

Unfortunately, I have a ton of stuff I could do inside.  Tomorrow we are headed up to my brothers for a baptism/birthday party so I have gifts to wrap for that, Chris' Dad's birthday is Sunday so we need to wrap that gift, and I bought cards like 3 months ago for all these things...where did I put them?  My mom's birthday is Thursday...good grief!  And I haven't even finished the hardanger I started for their anniversary.  The laundry is growing by the minute (seriously, my kids are dirty pigs after school) and I have a fireplace mantel that I could varnish.  Once I go buy the varnish. 

Here it is half -stained...

Another view....

Evan is getting over his latest cold and he was really stuffed up this morning...I thought about keeping him home but then knew if I did I wouldn't get any varnishing done, and we won't have much time tomorrow for things.  He has started eating table food at school, and since he is really starting to reject his bottle, we decided last night to keep him up to have dinner with us.  He got some cooked carrots, a meatball, and some crackers.  We thought he dropped most of it in his chair, but when we picked him up, most of it was gone...apparently he did eat a lot of it! 
Took the kids with to the carwash the other night...Nathan got kind of worried but I told him it was okay.


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