Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Moving on up...

(moving on up)to the East side..."

Seriously, I am moving more east...even if it is only two blocks.  Yesterday was my last day of Deloitte!  Chris accidently sent me an email this morning to the old email address and it bounced back to him -- shut down.  over.  finito.  YAE.

Yesterday though was crazy.  We were still working hard on getting this consolidated return efiled on time, and then there was this whole scary ordeal with someone at work.  Fortunately, it all turned out okay, and obviously I cannot talk about it or I would elaborate, but let's just say some people are creeps. 

I got up this morning and went for a mile run -- it wasn't even 8 AM yet...but it was good.  I am glad I can just go for a mile run now without walking and/or killing myself.  Then I took a shower and decided I wanted coffee.  I knew my mom and Karen would be home so I headed over there for a couple hours with some coffees. 

Then I came home and mowed lawn.  dang.  it was only 75 out but I think it is super humid or something because it sucked.  I was dripping sweat, getting bit by mosquitos, and hauling grass around.  no fun!  took me a couple hours but I finished so that is nice. 

Another exciting note is that I have "gone dark".  Yes...I don't have a cell phone.  When I get in my car, I think "where is my phone?" and then I go "oh yeah".  Today is day 3 of going without, and, honestly, it is really not that hard.  While you lose the conveinance,  you also lose the feeling you need to check your phone ALL THE TIME. Which, do people realize how often they check their phones?  Watch them sometime.  Get off work, check phone.  Walk to bus stop, check phone.  Wait for bus, check phone.  Get on bus, check phone.  Get a phone call, say, "can't talk now, on the bus".  Get off bus, check phone and make phone the way, why do people on the bus think it is okay for them to drive and talk on their cell, but not okay to do it on the bus?  and then almost hit people because you aren't watching? 

Last week we had friends over for dinner...we had kabobs...

I made too many though...

We HAD to sing happy birthday...

Nathan helped blow out candles...

As you can see, he really liked the cupcakes! 
It was such a fun night -- it is awesome to have friends who are comfortable coming over and hanging out with kids around! 

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  1. Your kids are so sweet we'd hang out with them anytime :) Thanks for havin us over to celebrate my bday!!