Friday, June 10, 2011

Pictures as promised!

Here are the pictures I promised on my last blog...Auntie Karen gave them matching outfits this Christmas...and while the pants are too long on both of them (my boys have short legs even though they are tall -- long torsos I think) the outfits finally fit!

Thomas outfits!


What a whirlwind week...quitting my job...feeling horrible about it, feeling elated about it...talking with people at my new job and feeling so excited -- lunch with the girls yesterday, hung out with my closest friend yesterday afternoon and evening, and today, pedicures with another friend and then a fabulous dinner for her birthday!  *whew* 

I am feeling very blessed and very content this weekend...even though last weekend was fun as well (pictures to come on that), I felt a sense of "dread" all weekend, and now that is gone. 

Oh, and I bought clothes yesterday.   And shoes.  Cute shoes!!!  I love them.  I'll have to take a picture of those later.  goodness!

Evan got his (late) 9 month checkup today -- he is doing well -- tall and skinny as usually and laughing his head off at the all the nurses and techs and doctors there...I told him on the way home I really don't understand why he likes it there so much! (although, we didn't have to get shots, which may be why....)

Gotta run!

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