Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thought I'd worked through my last "crisis"....

No matter how hard I have tried, every year this one account I am on goes down to the wire!  It's not anything I do -- it is a piece I don't work on, but today was major running around, drama, and trying to get things ready so we could e-file this tax return by tomorrow.  Fortunately, things worked out after pulling in some last minute help and standing over people while they did the work...definately NOT fun.  But it got done.  whew.   and thus ends my last late night at Deloitte. 

My last day is tomorrow.  Wow.  I don't think I believe it yet. 

One thing that is unique is that I have gone dark.  You know how when they used to have the old Apollo flights and when the ship was on the otherside of the moon, they would "go dark" meaning there would be a period of no communication. 

That's me -- I am cell-phone less.  I am okay with it.  I actually was one of the first people I know to have a cell phone.  It truly was a "cell phone" -- Zack Morris style (okay, maybe a little smaller).  My dad got it for me since I was driving back and forth to school.  The one time I needed it (left my headlights on) no one at home answered the phone so it was pretty useless.  That, and I forgot to charge it all the time.   Anyways, I really actually hate talking on my cell.  It never sounds right to me.  I don't really know how people can chat on their cell phones for hours.  I can talk on a land line for awhile, but a cell phone?  no thanks.  I get tired of saying, "what?  huh?  say again?"  yeah.   Not sure when I will get a new one...sometime after I start my new job I would guess....

And speaking of new jobs..all new jobs need new shoes!

I took this picture because I currently have an awesome pedi...but, it does kind of creep me out to show my feet.  oh well. 

And oh my gosh, I love these shoes below.  LOVE THEM.  I don't even want to wear them because I just love them and if they are mean to me (wear out or cause blisters or squeak or something) I seriously don't want to know

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