Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Evan!

One year little buggar!  Soon you will be able to keep up with Nathan,...I am sure he will love that!  (at least, most of the time). 

Evan is taking steps now - only a few at a time...but I think it is going to be soon and he will be walking.  Also, what a little eater he is at times -- for being the pickier one out of the two, it is suddenly as if we cannot give him enough food at dinner.  He just keeps going and going and going. 

We had his party last was a joint party for Daddy and Evan, but I made some cupcakes for Evan...from scratch! 

Before everyone showed up, I wanted to get a family picture...we took like 100 pictures and this was the best one.  Nathan refused to smile and Evan was wiggly. 

Nathan wasn't happy untili he got to hold Evan...and then Evan wasn't happy.  kids i tell you.

Outside with rained the whole time so the party was basically inside.  kind of a bummer but there were some breaks where we went outside to swing and stuff. 

This is right before cake....

This is when everyone was singing to him...his expression is priceless...he is like, WTF is everyone staring and singing at me for? 

He really thought my cupcake was awesome...first he was intrigued by the whipped cream...

But eventually he realized he could just pick the whole thing up and take a big bite...Oh Evan you are priceless....

After the party were presents....Nathan got a small gift but Evan's presents were so much cooler....

And it was Daddy's birthday he got a few that hat...

It's hard to believe a year ago today I had Evan.  So many things have changed.  I still cannot believe that I went into labor on my own, woke up, and had to drive to the hospital with real contractions three minutes apart...I seriously thought I was going to have to be, he was early, another thing I didn't expect!  I also didn't expect him to be such an easy-going baby....I was planning for a lot of crying and late nights and stress...while there was a little of that, compared to Nathan, it was almost non-existent. 

Evan clearly has personality now though, and while his Oh-I-Saw-Mommy-So-Now-I-Must-Whine-and-Cry phase annoys me...I know soon he will be old enough to play with Nathan, and I will become the third wheel. 

Days where I cannot take it anymore, and the kids are finally in bed, and I have some "me" time to do whatever, I find that I tend to shut the t.v. and computer off and go into their rooms and snuggle with them.  If Nathan is still awake we chat about things or play "I Spy" or "thank you Jesus"...sometimes I pick Evan up and hold him for alittle bit...he starts to fuss after a few minutes and wants to be put down...but the few minutes are all I need. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about another baby...while I would definately welcome another little, the thought of being pregnant again is almost unbearable.  Honestly, I don't like being pregnant at all...I think about another nine months of feeling sick, getting big, not being comfortable while awake, not being comfortable while asleep, anxiety over the health of the baby, doctor's visits, labor, postpartum, argh.  I wish I was one of those women who loved being pregnant, but I'm not.  But I guess it's like most things...the harder it is to get it, the more worth it has!  (I think that's why parents put up with everything that we do!)

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