Sunday, July 31, 2011

More items off the "to-do" list and a splurge

So, when Nathan was one a co-worker of mine sent out this email that her friend was a "professional organizer" and had this idea on how to keep "keepsakes".  She would put together boxes and label them and then sell you the finished product.  Well, I did that for Nathan, and when it came time to find something similar for Evan, I discovered that they no longer made the boxes I got for Nathan. 

Well, after much looking around, I finally found something that worked.  While I pretty much despise most everything Ikea, it is fitting that they do have a nice selection of cheap boxes that should hold up for years.  So, I have had this on my "to do" list for almost a year and it is FINALLY crossed off.  YES! 

If you are looking for a way to organize things for the next 18 years of your children's life, I do think these boxes/designs work well.  I already have Nathan's first couple of boxes full of keepsakes for him....

Oh, and my splurge.  I purchased a copy of my mother's classic Betty Crocker cookbook.  I found a *steal* on the internet that I couldn't pass up...while I won't say I didn't spend too much (because it was a lot for a silly sentimental cookbook) I will say it was $350 less than what similar books were going for (not sure why as it was in great quality!!  the seller must have just have wanted to get rid of it or was not sure how much it actually was worth!). 

Anyways, I am slowly reading it a little before I go to bed each night...did you know that people used to serve chilled bouillon on the rocks as an appetizer beverage?  Doesn't that sound nasty?  Or tomato juice with bouillon on the rocks...I keep thinking of how that would taste and I don't even want to try making it because I just can't think it would be good. 

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