Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Instead of a second set of swimming lessons this summer (we took classes February - May), I decided to sign Nathan up for a four week sports class called "Pre-Games".  Each week they work on a different sport...well, as much as 3 - 5 year olds can work at sports. 

On the night of the very first class, I was all excited to tell Nathan he was going to go play soccer.  However, he had other plans, and decided he was going to throw a fit and cry about it.  He cried as we left school, he cried and whined about it all the way home, he cried when we got home, and he laid on the couch and covered himself completely up because he "didn't want to go". 

Oh my goodness. 

We arrive at the park and I check in and Nathan gets to pick between a red shirt or a blue shirt.  I know blue is his favorite.  He refuses to pick, however, and insists that he doesn't want ANY shirt and he wants to go home, so I choose red since that team needs more players. 

You think he would put on his red shirt?  Nope. 

So, I walked him over to the car and had a "little chat" with him...in his infinite wisdom he decided that maybe putting on the red shirt was better than having Mommy mad at him...(either that or perhaps the threat of a spanking changed his mind)...

After we got his shirt on, he refused to play...until Mommy went out there and started kicking around a soccer ball.  It didn't take Nathan to suddenly forget that he didn't want to be there...
Playing with Daddy...

Awesome form already! 
Evan thought it was all quite boring....so, he ate some snacks and threw his sippy cup around and babbled. 

Below is a picture of the craziness!...I just loved watching Nathan out there -- I think I was smiling the entire time...

When we got in the car to go home, Nathan said, "Mommy, can we do that again tomorrow?  I really loved that." 


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