Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on projects

The hardanger is done!  A little late for a gift this year, but next year Mother's Day is all set!

This is the back...if you did a good job, it should look like the front...I think I did a pretty decent job!
Here is yet another picture of the looks the exact same, I know...but it was almost done here!

My varnishing superviser:

I finally also went and purchased some very boring fabric for my usual, I measured wrong and didn't have enough of the outside border or blue for binding...but, did I ever post a picture of the quilting?  My MIL did it (I am spoiled!) and it looks totally awesome.  Although all my blocks were off and un-square (it was my first quilt really ever)...anyways, I'll post a picture once the binding is done and it is all is such a happy quilt. 

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  1. The quilt is so pretty! I think the blue looks nice. :)