Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A day in the life...

I don't work most Tuesdays...but I do is what I did yesterday:
Got up at 6AM...fed the baby a bottle, got him dressed, got Nathan dressed, hauled the kids downstairs and waved good-bye to them as Daddy took them to school.

Got out a pad of paper and grabbed a granola bar and wrote down a list of things to do today.  I got EVERYTHING done on my list in this order:

Cleaned Evan's room
Cleaned Nathan's room
Cleaned bathrooms
Jogged a mile (did pretty well, haven't gone jogging in over a month)
Put stuff in attic (or what I now call an attic)
Got rid of Chris' old pictures (pictures with no people in them of places he cannot remember)
Got oil changed (also got the tires rotated, which was good, because one of them had a nail in it and was leaking..which explains why the tire was low this weekend and we had to add air!)
Picked up Evan's 1 year pictures - yae!  So fun!
Did kitty litter
Organized downstairs closet
Started laundry
Paid bills
Made pickles (did four pints, used Chris' Grandma's method and recipe - I was worried the jars wouldn't seal but they did)

These are the pickles I made last pretty!


I took this picture yesterday because I want to remember how Nathan always insists those gold beads go back on the vacuum cleaner.  Even when I toss them off and put them away, the next time I vacuum, there they are.  :-)
Started dinner (tried new lasagna recipe - got all the pieces ready)
Went to store
Picked up Nathan and took him to the park with the scoop (he has been asking me to go to this one park with a scoop).  -- It was looking like it might rain, but we got to play 30 minutes before the first sprinkles came!  (Daddy picked up Evan so I could spend this time with Nathan)
Went to the library to return books due today and get Nathan some new ones -- I was so excited because this one book, called The Milkman, which Nathan and I love, was being sold for 50 cents.  Maybe it wasn't popular or something, but we loved I got it! 

Finish making dinner - this was a real treat.  Nathan has been watching the Garfield movies lately a he got to help me put together lasagna...he did really well!

All the parts are ready!

Layering noodles...

Sprinkling cheese

Helping Mommy!

Put away laundry

Yae!  That was it! 

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