Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finally...some helpers?

I think I finally found some helpers for all my freezing and pickling of veggies!

i am so thankful to my mom for always giving me more than enough from their garden.  they plant it to share with everyone -- i often turn a lot of stuff down because I simply don't have room anymore and/or we won't eat it. 

Tasting a bean....what a beanhead!  LOL. 

Okay, so I think they made more of a mess than I thought....

The next day the cats were playing with things like crazy...I couldn't figure out what...and then I realized beans.  apparently I had left a few on the floor and they decided they were great toys! 

We had a great day today with friends and I will post those pictures sometime soon.  My brother, sister, and cousin are going out tonight and they called and asked me to join I am excited for that!  The four of us used to hang out a lot growing up, so hopefully it will be like old times (but with beer!). 


My last post was about money...and it's mostly because there are just so many people who think they "have to" spend money even when they don't have it.  I, and all my family and friends who are 'savers', don't get it, and honestly, we are getting sick and tired of hearing from people or about people who "don't have money" because they spent it on a recent purchase (such as a new car they didn't need).  It's just like that everywhere though, even in government. 

But I am mostly frustrated to hear things like this from members of my family!  My parents made some big mistakes with money growing up, and there were years where we barely had much of anything.  I watched my parents age beyond their years back then, watched my dad get up every morning at 2AM and deliver papers until 6AM, and then over his lunch break every Wednesday he would deliver more papers, just to bring in a little extra cash (along with his full time job) in order to pay the bills.  So, you would think after going through that, we all would have learned growing up about how you don't spend what you don't have and you save save save for a rainy day.  Yet, despite all this, some people seem to have forgotten those days, or are too dense to learn from it (while that may sound harsh, it's about as nice as I can get right now!).   

And this has been going on for years...and it is just disgusting.  So, just like the rest of the world, the savers are always loaning money in our family to the non-savers.  obnoxious!  I am so tired of hearing about these things...even from my parents who went through stuff like that.  I am sorry, but no, you don't need to buy XYZ.  Sometimes I want to throw a dictionary to people and say, "please look up the word 'need' and start again!". 

Now, no one has asked me for money, but it is happening to others i am close to...and the problem stinks because if you don't help out close friends or family, you feel guilty.  But, if it were me, I would be like, okay, fine, you need money?  I'd be happy to help...but you pay it back to me at 5% interest and here is the amortization schedule.  And you know I have amortization schedules readily available...come on, I'm a CPA! 

It's just a hard line, and it is so frustrating to hear...just like everywhere else, no matter how much you care about people, eventually the gravy train has to stop and people must start taking responsibility for things.  And until I see this starting to happen with my neighbors, family, and friends, I just doubt it will happen in a bigger scale (like the US or the world).  

this past week a woman I know told me she is getting foreclosed out of her house.  she has three boys.  I felt so awful for her...I wanted to help so bad but I am not close to this woman...but it forces me to go back and re-examine my financial planning and my obligations and make contingency plans for worst care scenarios.  the economy is crap, and I feel like I need to plan for a rainy day.  or a series of rainy days.  So, that is what I am doing with everything I have right now.  Planning.  Saving.  Paying things off.  Preparing.  I guess it takes a "saver" personality to do that...because I definately don't understand the "spender" personality. 

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