Friday, August 19, 2011

First real fieldtrip!

Two weeks ago Nathan had his first real fieldtrip to the Como Zoo...his favorite part was the bus ride of course!  Also, Mommy's camera wasn't charged, so we only got a few pics...

so excited to be on the bus!


Here we were by the flamingos waiting for his other classmates to arrive so we could call eat lunch...

Mommy and Nathan on the bus!  I had to borrow one of Daddy's red shirts to wear that day...aren't we cute?!!!

Overall, it was a good day.  When I arrived at school, the person in charge of ordering lunches for the day forgot to order bag me and another mom, and some of the teachers, were quickly whipping out PB&J sammies and carrots and apples and tossing them into bags before we had to go...that was the fastest PB&J assembly line I have ever seen! 

Myself and the other two adults in our group were at first thinking we would have to move fast through the zoo because we only had an hour and a half to wander...turns out the boys in our group had zoo ADD for the soon as we would see one animal, Nathan and this other little boy would go, "let's go see something else..." Seriously, I was like, how about we look at the animals for like, one second??!!  We got through everything in no time at all and it was more than enough time after an hour and a half..the kids had had it and they were hot, hungry, and tired.  A bunch of them fell asleep on the bus ride home. 

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