Monday, August 22, 2011

Friends and the farm...

Two weekends ago we hung out with friends and then went and visited a farm...

We saw pigs, cows, chickens, goats, a dog, and...I dunno.  Maybe that was it? 

These are our friends...totally cute pic guys!  They keep a really nice blog...check it out - I have it linked on my page or at!

Nathan standing next to the silo...he got all cranky when I asked him to stand there. 
 Both kids wanted to hold Chris' hand...apparently I am chopped liver or something...must be the teacher in her!

Written last night:

Overall, this past week, Nathan has been having a rougher time behaving at school.  We talked about off and on all week because three days he got bad reports.  One day when I picked him up he and three other kids were all getting "talked to" about their behavior.  Apparently they were all fighting and throwing toys.  Argh.  So, you can imagine how disappointed I was when on Friday I go to pick up Nathan and hear he behaved badly when the Firefighters came with the Firetruck.  When it was Nathan's turn to be in the firetruck, he got pushed (or so he says) and then pushed back so his teacher took him out of there and then he just had a tantrum.  So, he couldn't go back in because he wouldn't settle down.   And he was mopey and grumping about it.  So, this weekend I have been extraordinarily strict on him and will continue to be so. 

I am hoping he is better next week and it was just a temporary thing!  Evan is getting over his cold but now I have's not too bad, just runny nose and scratchy throat...more annoying than anything and just wears you down.  Evan got a rash all over with this virus too, but that seems to be getting better.  Although I was concerned, at least I didn't freak out like I did when Nathan first got rashes like that.  I guess it takes a couple times around the track to get used to things like that. 

Argh.  I have more cukes to pickle.  I am debating whether or not I should do more.  Maybe my friend is right and I will turn into a pickle!

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