Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last week of August here we come...

It is hard to believe the last week of August is coming.  I am reminded of August last year, when I was home everyday all day with he is walking around, starting to say a few words, and drinking out of a sippy cup and eating bacon at breakfast with us. 

The flowers are peaking...the Black Eyed Susans did well everywhere this year, and have become more popular here in Minnesota in recent years...which means for me that I now kind of find them less interesting.  I hate it when things become over-popular!  But my Phlox have been gorgeous for well over a month now, and my rose bushes are blooming again...

We have been fighting a bee hive in our backyard now for over a week.  We ripped out a dead tree this spring, and bees burrowed into the ground, into the stump (or so we assume) and made a hive.  We have been trying to drown them, spray them, etc.. for a week but they still dig their way out and swarm above the ground -- definately a hazard for the kids.  At first I kind of felt bad for them...but now I am just annoyed! 

A few weeks ago we went to a friend's house and Nathan got to try out a trampoline...he only had one accident -- bit his lip, but other than that, he survived and actually started to enjoy it near the end of the night. 

Last Sunday we went fishing.  I brought my camera with but this is the only picture I took: 

 Grandma and Grandpa called Nathan early this morning to ask if he could go fishing.  We said yes and off he went for the morning - he got back around 2pm and was so tired he fell asleep right away.  But after his nap it was so fun to hear him talk about everything he did - he  got to drive the boat apparently, and hold the rope so it didn't float away, and eat lots and lots of snacks, and he caught 25 fish!  Which I guess is true, he actually got 25 fish.  :-) 

I am done pickling but I had a bunch of tomatoes from my mom so I (well, actually we, because Chris REALLY helped me out) canned tomatoes Friday night.  This was after we went to the State Fair - just the two of us.  It was like a date and it was really fun just to hang out together.   

We rode the bus -- which, I thought would be fine since we are both daily bus rides but the people that ride the bus to the State Fair are not and thus they are extremely annoying and rude.  It is mostly old people who think they own the world.  Speaking of which, the old people are ruining the state fair with their little carts they ride around in...more than once Chris and I had to jump out of the way because a crazy old man on a scooter was coming up the road and not watching.  One guy drove partially over my toes -- good thing I had sneakers on and not sandals!   It is hard for me to see changes to the State Fair that I don't like...things that were there for years suddenly gone and most people there do not care one bit because they only care about the modern, 'cool' stuff.  *sigh*.   Even the 4-H building makes me sad -- when huge parts of it are overtaken by computers (flight simulators) and aquatic robots I just feel like they have lost their way. 

Work is going well - very busy but that is normal as the September 15th deadline is very close.  I worked four days the past two weeks, but I am hoping this week will just be three days and then next week will be four and then it will settle down a tad.

 Our fall is getting busy already - Chris has three hunting trips planned, we have a wedding (which I am not sure if the kids are invited or not as I threw away the envelope...what do I do now?!!!), I have training in Wisconsin for a few days, our anniversary, Nathan's birthday, and then the holidays start to creep much to do and enjoy!  I love the fall weather and crisp leaves. 

My parents recently purchased a picture of their place and gave us all an electronic copy...the front field is the hay field, and the back field (the top center) is the beef field where the steers are kept in the summer.  The bottom right window on the house was my old room.  It has certainly changed a lot since the last picture they purchased like this...their used to be no houses behind them, there was a second garden to the right of the house, and a lot of the trees were different -- all of my favorite trees I loved growing up have all been knocked down by storms or have died off.  But, as you can see, they definatley have a very big garden...thus, all the great veggies I get to can and freeze! 

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