Thursday, August 18, 2011

Legos, Barbies and Pony's - Oh my!

One year I got this lego airplane set for Christmas - I loved it....which is so ironic now since I absolutely despise flying. 

Nathan keeps asking if he is old enough to play with it, and I keep telling him "no".  And then the next day he will ask, "am I older today?" and I will say "yes" and then he will say, "so then I can have the airplane legos?" and then I say "no" to which he says, "OH MAN." 

This is one of my Barbie is packed full of old Barbies and clothes.  I could never throw it out...some of the Barbies are brand new!  Someday I will find a girl who will love them. 

This is "My Pet Vet"...a traveling veterinary clinic...for that brief (and may I mention, extremely brief) time period where I thought maybe being a vet like my dad would be fun.  We had a lot of fun pretending with this with our stuffed animals though....

Littlest Pet Shop!!  Just like so many toys, this is the version that was great before they wrecked it!  Have you seen Littlest Pet Shop or My Little Pony these days?  BLAH.  I can't even talk about how horrid Little People are now...

I loved this...I had to set it up before I packed it away...the animals are so cute!


Posie, the yellow with pink hair, was one of my favorites, along with Cotton Candy and the Cotton Candy Baby Pony. 

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