Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More memories!

Sylvanian house!  I still have the box even....

I got my first Sylvanian character at my first sleepover (in which I slept walked, cried, and got sick....oh those poor parents!)

The brown bears were my first two...then I got the grey bear family....
Isn't the kitchen cute?  Unfortunately, the kitchen table broke, so I don't have that anymore. 
I loved the bedroom too....

Oh, and the books.  The books were so neat...I love how this was a toy I loved and spent hours and hours playing with and it wasn't battery operated or full of noises.  It doesn't seem like they make toys like this anymore. 

Today was by far the most gorgeous day we have had in awhile, and I enjoyed every bit of it! (except the part where Nathan spilled the remainder of my red wine on the carpet...*sigh*).  But anyways, I slept in until 9:15 and it felt amazing.  I didn't sleep at all this weekend and was seriously stressing out so much on Sunday -- I think it was a bad combo of not sleeping well and worrying about things. 

Anyways, on Sunday, even though I was exhausted all day, I decided it was nice enough to get a project finally off the list - painting the baseboard of our front door, painting a few spots on the front door, and painting the wood pole.  It started out okay, I sanded things down and stirred the paint (all from 2006 the summer after we moved in) and started going at it...after about an hour, I realized the door looked like crap -- the paint wasn't matching.  Apparently our front door had changed color over the past five years, so just painting the few bad spots wasn't going to cut it.  So, I was a tad annoyed, and had to make a trip to the Home Depot for some paint and then paint the entire door.  But, by Sunday night it had dried and looked awesome and I was really excited to have that done! 

I think that spurred how I felt this morning after I got up -- I just felt great so I knew that I had to spend the day just scrubbing and cleaning the house from top to bottom as there wouldn't be much time for that this weekend.  I did the dishes, five loads of laundry, got everything put away, put away toys, took out garbages, cleaned the basement from top to bottom, including moving couches and vacuuming in corners...I even pulled all of the cushions off the couches and vacuumed.  It felt great, but the time just flew by! 

I found some old chicken breasts in our freezer from 2009, so I thawed that, cut off the freezer burn, and am marinating that overnight.   Then I found some bone-in chicken in the freezer as well that was old, so I slowly cooked that in the oven for three hours, had Chris pull it apart when he got home, and made white chicken chili with the jalapeno's my neighbor gave me last week.  It turned out great.   The only bad thing about it is Nathan cannot eat it...so, he just had a sandwich and fruit instead.  too spicy! 

We had to run to Cub Foods after I picked the kids up from school and we usually get a free cookie for Nathan if there is one...well, today I decided Evan could have a free cookie too.  I wasn't sure if he would eat it, or drop it, or crumble it, or throw it, but surprisingly, i gave him small pieces and he ate every little bit.  It was like he was saying to me, "No way Mommy am I going to let this cookie go!" 

When we went to check out there at the store, I had like three things in my cart for my chili...and all of the lines were super long, including the self-checkout lanes.  There was this one woman in the line who had no idea what to do...in the same amount of time three people did their self-checkouts, she did hers.  I really wanted to say, "hey lady, if you don't know what the F you are doing, don't get in line like this when it is busy!" 

Well, work is going well, but tomorrow is a "team event" and we get to go on the Pedal Pubs, and it is supposed to be another gorgeous day.  I am really excited to get to know the "team" and meet more people.  Things are getting busy as its the middle of August and the September 15 deadline is creeping up on us, but I don't feel half as stressed as I was at Deloitte during May and June.  Even the thought of working extra days to get things done doesn't even phase me right now...which is awesome. 

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