Tuesday, September 20, 2011

finally finished!!!

Adding the tape measure and sewing them shut...

All sewn together here --

Added a few buttons for fun and we are done!  This was a summer project -- good thing I finished before summer ends in a few days!  (don't you love the buttons on the Tonka Truck wheels?!)

Monday, September 19, 2011


I am rarely spontaneous...but last Saturday (or two Saturdays ago now!), it was gorgeous out, the sun was shining, so I told Christopher, let's pack the kids up and go to the zoo!

I have a picture just like this with Nathan with that hat on! 

I spent so much time telling Nathan to smile I obviously should have told Daddy to smile as well!  But at least the giraffes all showed up for this shot...

After we did the zoo, Nathan got to do rides...he loved the train...

And then we let him do the ones where you drive a car...it was hilarious.  At first he couldn't figure out how to go, so the lady came over and showed him.  Then, he was finally going, and after about 5 feet he hit the curb and got stuck (below).  The lady was really busy helping other kids so Nathan just started crying.  Chris and I just started laughing. 

Eventually he got going again though and had a great time...

After that we did the carousel.  My favorite.  We had lunch and Evan had been such a trooper...he patiently waited for his brother to do all these fun things..although, I don't think he was bored a bit..there was so much to look at and take in...

We went home and tooks naps (all of us) and then had a great dinner at a friend's house.  They have a dog and Nathan just loves him...they are perfect pair! 

We did s'mores...totally delicious.  I usually don't like s'mores that much and just end up eating the chocolate...but that night they were amazing...perhaps it was the good food, company, and wine that went with it! 

Nathan had three...and then just started eating marshmallows!

Such a fun night and day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i always check on the kids one last time before I go to bed...

and the weekend we were dog-sitting, I open the door and find this:

too cute.  nathan curled up on the dog bed on the floor with Gus. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Well, its been a long been a long been a long been a long day...

(musical fans everywhere appreciate the title I am sure).

YES!  A loooonnnnnngggggg day.  Actually, since I wrote yesterday, it has been rather hectic.  After I signed off yesterday, I went into the bathroom to get cleaned up so I could do some shoppin' - had a 20% discount coupon for Joann and I knew that some fabrics were on sale there so it would be a great day to go get some stuff I had been holding off on for awhile. 

Halfway through things in there, Gigi moved and I noticed she was bleeding.  I thought maybe she had just had a hard stool or something (sorry if TMI) but it didn't stop.  So, I after about an hour of debating whether or not to take her in I did - turns out, she was getting pretty sick - had an infection/colitis, got two shots while were there, is on two meds now that we are home, and I can really tell now she still isn't feeling well.  Poor thing.  She hates being pilled, and I hate pilling her.  Argh.  Pets I tell you.

So, that took about 2.5 hours out of my day, so I started off way behind...Chris stayed home on Friday and he actually cleaned out a bunch of the pheasants out of the freezer - cooked them up and repackaged them, which was great -- of course, after he did that, I notice our freezer really needs to be defrosted...another job to add to the list!

But, I did get the squash roasted and made squash soup -- at first I didn't think it turned out okay, but I think I had tasted it too much and had started to just question myself, because even my sister, who was over for dinner last night, enjoyed it and she has pretty high standards when it comes to food, so that was really nice.  I forgot to take a picture though. 

I do have some really cute pics to share from two weekends ago though...

This is from two Saturdays ago..we took the boys to the park for a picnic - with Daddy too, so it was special.  It was sprinkling and cloudy, but no one seemed to mind..after all, Daddy splurged and bought Mommy some Cheetos....

Even though we really enjoyed the picnic, this was kind of a hard day for us.  The day before the daycare center director stopped me on my way in to pick up the kids to "talk to me".  I thought she wanted to talk about Evan moving to the Waddler Room, but no, she wanted to talk to me about Nathan's behavior.  I know Nathan behaves well at home so I was confused and thought he must have done something just awful.  But, she didn't tell me anything that bad....Nathan had been kind of whiny, having little fits occasionally, and taking toys from other kids...And then she said to me, "he really shouldn't be acting this way for his age" and "he just seems a little off".   All the little alarm bells and red flags went off in my head after hearing her say that and I shut down...

Since then we have talked with both his teachers, talked with other parents, coworkers, family and friends and have no concerns about Nathan's behavior.  He is acting like a typical four-year-old...as my other friends with older boys tell me, "Oh, you didn't know being four is like being two, but with an attitude?!"  In addition, his teachers told us that the week before Nathan was excellent, and it just so happened another little boy was on vacation that week...and apparentely Nathan and this other boy are very competitive with each other. 

Mom's with kids in daycare understand this stuff...once I started talking about, it was amazing to hear all these stories and how people could relate -- not to mention how much advice I got on "center directors" as well as teachers who under react to things and teachers who over react.  who knew?! 

Either way, we are constantly working to teach our kids to be respectful and to be true to themselves. 

I find that teaching kids brings out wisdom in yourself that you didn't know you had - or even wisdom that you aren't following yourself.  I find myself saying things to Nathan that I still struggle with today.  When are you the teacher...and when are you the student?

Oh Evan, where do you get those blue eyes from?!!  I think my Dad and my Grandpa had blue eyes...but I am actually not certain....

That's it for tonight.  It's late - I ran a million errands today and attended my first fall quilting class.. -- it was totally fun, but I am totally tired now. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall cleaning...

I think fall cleaning is way more important than spring cleaning.  It's the last chance you have to do a lot of things with the windows open and the fresh air coming in -- in the spring, if you don't get to something, you can always do it a few days later.  But in Minnesota, you have a limited amount of time before the snow flies! 

This morning I started with Evan's room...last week I loaded up all his 6-12 month clothes and packed them away and brought down the 18-24 month box.  Today I packed up all the 12 month stuff and started taking out the sweatshirts, pants, and long-sleeved stuff.  I am finding it very hard because I feel like Nathan just wore all this stuff a few months ago -- I think it is because Nathan did wear some of his 24 month stuff last fall...and now I am considering putting it on Evan?  crazy. 

Evan had his one month appointment last week and all is well - as usual, he did go through a day or so of fever, which is normal for him after shots.  The doctor confirmed he continues to be my "String Bean" as I like to call him.  He is over the 90th percentile for height, but only in the 20th percentile for weight -- which is pretty consistent for him since birth!  Tall and skinny boy!

After I did  his clothes though, I did the fall cleaning - I cleaned things that haven't been cleaned in quite some time...the ceiling fan, the cabinets/dressers, the window, etc...it feels good.  I put the flannel sheets on his bed so he is ready for chilly nights. 

I think I may try a new squash soup recipe tonight...I have to get the squash in the oven here soon though...since I have the next week off, I am hoping to blog a lot and get  A LOT crossed of my to-do list, including spending lots of time with the family.  More to come!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

yes yes yes...

I haven't written....I have been too busy with life!  And thank goodness, if I wasn't, life would be boring....remind me of that next time I become, OVERWHELMED.

The past few weeks have been busy putting up preserves and canning for winter....I did a ton of corn.  It was so funny, there was this huge uproar at my parent's house.   My mom called a few weeks ago and told me to come get some corn since it wasn't ripe yet, but she knows how I like it just barely ripe...I asked her what was taking so long, corn everywhere else was ripe...she didn't know!  She did tell me that dad had to replant, so it was probably late.  So, we go and pick a few cobs..and I take them home...a few hours later I cook them up and am like, what the heck, this corn is totally ripe, it is just white!  So, I called mom and said, "could this perhaps be silver or white corn?"  Well, of course my dad flipped out and thought I was nuts...yadda yadda...a few hours later, everyone was more than convinced (after Dad thought about it) that sure enough, he did plant white corn!  Too funny. 

All cut up...my hand was pretty sore after...
Since I was doing corn, I figured, the kitchen is a diaster anywas, so I might as well can tomato sauce.  I used my mom's tomato press --- she hasn't used it in awhile, and it was full of bugs (dead ones)!!  I had to scrub it out and bleach it - which took over an hour.  Then, I finally could run the tomatoes through...whew!  hard work.  But, I think I did around 12 pints...pretty good.  I won't need tomato sauce for awhile.  I also did some a few days after but was out of jars, so I read online that you could just freeze it.  So, I have a few bags frozen.   

Ready for the freezer.
 Like I said, the kitchen was a diaster, so I made zucchini bread too...regular and lemon.  They turned out great - froze a couple loaves and gave some away. 

Done with tomatoes...as you can see, there were more to ripen -- and apples on the left to make into applesauce, got a couple bags out of those....
 Evan wasn't much help with it all...
This is one of the first times he has fed himself a bottle!  He will drink sippy cups np on his own, but the bottle?  Heck no, Mommy or Daddy should do that!
 So, I have had on my "to do" list for a long time, to cut up the old jeans we have had lying around....it will eventually become a quilt (like a ragtime one), but dang, did it take a long time to cut up these jeans!

as usual, Roar finds a spot to sit next to me...
It is hard to believe all this happened a few weeks ago and now it feels like Fall out...I think it will be in the 40's tonight with a chance of a frost tomorrow night...crazy but wonderful at the same time.  I think the blue of the sky in the Fall is one of the best things -- it is so blue and so beautiful...i am not sure why it is this time of year, but it just is...and I have been looking up to Heaven each day and thinking how wonderful it is...along with the Harvest Moon!  Last night I laid in bed for about 30 minutes and just watched the moon...just love it...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yup...it's been over a week...

It is September 8th (I think) and I haven't even written one post yet.  I haven't wanted to.  Writing blog entries when you are cranky or stressed is really pointless -- especially on my blog, where I don't have like a million people reading it.  Although, even if I did, I am sure their comments would tick me off further. 

Let's just focus on Evan for a second, shall we?  The kid is amazing, adorable, and growing up so fast I can hardly believe it.  He talks to me all the time, although I am not sure quite what he is saying - it is clear he is certain of what he is saying. 

He is so sweet and wonderful -- and he only gets cranky when tired.  Daddy called him 'kickie mc-poopy pants" this weekend because he always kicks his legs when he gets a diaper change and has been pooping SO MUCH since he is getting two BIG molars. 

Tomorrow we do one year shots.  boo.  he is going to be ticked.  and then get a fever.  and then be better. 

But anyways, among other things, my friends have been really ticking me off lately.  Not even just my friends, like my mom ticked me off tonight, she calls me to tell me all about the start of the Packers game, which I completely forgot about because I was busy with Nathan, and then asks me why I wasn't watching it and then gets mad because I am not jumping up and down at her description.  I was like, "Mom, I call you all the time to remind you that stuff is on and to watch, why didn't you call ME for once?" 

This is the recurring theme in my life with my friends, very few, hmph, ever initiate anything....even my own sister will only plan something out maybe once a year...what is it with people?  maybe it isn't the other people...maybe it is me.  Whatever.  If it is me, I cannot change or correct it since I don't know what it is and therefore cannot worry about it....but seriously, how hard is it to frickin' email or send a phone call after I call or send something?   So yeah, I am giving up.  Done.  I've got bigger fish to fry.  You want to hear from me?  Give me a call..you know my number. 

Obviously I am overreacting because I have been working really hard lately and work is hard because I don't know how to do everything yet and I have been making some mistakes.  And I am frustrated because I don't know everything "in my head" yet...at my old job, I had had my same clients for YEARS, but now, everything is new, everyone is new, and I have to re-learn all these people and personalities and working styles and lately I just find it completely overwhelming and pointless.  It definitely is humbling - oh yeah, I F-ed up again...ha ha ha!  Only human, right?  argh. 

i just want to sew.  and not feel guilty about not washing the windows or doing laundry or picking the kids up from school instead.