Monday, September 19, 2011


I am rarely spontaneous...but last Saturday (or two Saturdays ago now!), it was gorgeous out, the sun was shining, so I told Christopher, let's pack the kids up and go to the zoo!

I have a picture just like this with Nathan with that hat on! 

I spent so much time telling Nathan to smile I obviously should have told Daddy to smile as well!  But at least the giraffes all showed up for this shot...

After we did the zoo, Nathan got to do rides...he loved the train...

And then we let him do the ones where you drive a was hilarious.  At first he couldn't figure out how to go, so the lady came over and showed him.  Then, he was finally going, and after about 5 feet he hit the curb and got stuck (below).  The lady was really busy helping other kids so Nathan just started crying.  Chris and I just started laughing. 

Eventually he got going again though and had a great time...

After that we did the carousel.  My favorite.  We had lunch and Evan had been such a trooper...he patiently waited for his brother to do all these fun things..although, I don't think he was bored a bit..there was so much to look at and take in...

We went home and tooks naps (all of us) and then had a great dinner at a friend's house.  They have a dog and Nathan just loves him...they are perfect pair! 

We did s'mores...totally delicious.  I usually don't like s'mores that much and just end up eating the chocolate...but that night they were amazing...perhaps it was the good food, company, and wine that went with it! 

Nathan had three...and then just started eating marshmallows!

Such a fun night and day!

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