Thursday, September 8, 2011's been over a week...

It is September 8th (I think) and I haven't even written one post yet.  I haven't wanted to.  Writing blog entries when you are cranky or stressed is really pointless -- especially on my blog, where I don't have like a million people reading it.  Although, even if I did, I am sure their comments would tick me off further. 

Let's just focus on Evan for a second, shall we?  The kid is amazing, adorable, and growing up so fast I can hardly believe it.  He talks to me all the time, although I am not sure quite what he is saying - it is clear he is certain of what he is saying. 

He is so sweet and wonderful -- and he only gets cranky when tired.  Daddy called him 'kickie mc-poopy pants" this weekend because he always kicks his legs when he gets a diaper change and has been pooping SO MUCH since he is getting two BIG molars. 

Tomorrow we do one year shots.  boo.  he is going to be ticked.  and then get a fever.  and then be better. 

But anyways, among other things, my friends have been really ticking me off lately.  Not even just my friends, like my mom ticked me off tonight, she calls me to tell me all about the start of the Packers game, which I completely forgot about because I was busy with Nathan, and then asks me why I wasn't watching it and then gets mad because I am not jumping up and down at her description.  I was like, "Mom, I call you all the time to remind you that stuff is on and to watch, why didn't you call ME for once?" 

This is the recurring theme in my life with my friends, very few, hmph, ever initiate anything....even my own sister will only plan something out maybe once a year...what is it with people?  maybe it isn't the other people...maybe it is me.  Whatever.  If it is me, I cannot change or correct it since I don't know what it is and therefore cannot worry about it....but seriously, how hard is it to frickin' email or send a phone call after I call or send something?   So yeah, I am giving up.  Done.  I've got bigger fish to fry.  You want to hear from me?  Give me a know my number. 

Obviously I am overreacting because I have been working really hard lately and work is hard because I don't know how to do everything yet and I have been making some mistakes.  And I am frustrated because I don't know everything "in my head" my old job, I had had my same clients for YEARS, but now, everything is new, everyone is new, and I have to re-learn all these people and personalities and working styles and lately I just find it completely overwhelming and pointless.  It definitely is humbling - oh yeah, I F-ed up again...ha ha ha!  Only human, right?  argh. 

i just want to sew.  and not feel guilty about not washing the windows or doing laundry or picking the kids up from school instead. 

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