Thursday, October 6, 2011

The dark side of the moon...

So, I haven't written for two weeks I think.  That's okay.  I haven't felt like writing, and why waste time doing something you don't feel like doing if you don't have to?

The moon is beautiful tonight.  As mentioned before on this blog, I love the moon.  I have been studying it for almost a year now, and I finally understand most aspects of it.  For example, I didn't understand how there could be a "dark side of the moon" for the longest time...until I learned that the moon rotates at the same exact rate of the, while the moon circles the earth, it rotates as well so we always see the same side.  Granted, that side of the moon is not always dark...when the moon is new, that side is shining bright.  We just can't see it. 

I guess you could say the past two weeks I have been on the dark side of the moon.  Our family life has been challenging...nothing serious, but stressful nevertheless.  And then Evan was sick, and then I got sick, and I completely lost my voice for about five days.  Daddy and Nathan told me I sounded like Mickey Mouse, and I could hardly disagree (and even if I wanted to I couldn't have). 

Work has been a little bit busier lately, but I find I really do enjoy my job so much more now, that even the days where I need to go in and work a little bit extra (like tomorrow) don't seem all that bad.

Evan has turned into our climber.  Nathan never attempted some of the things Evan is....and daycare confirmed it a few days of our favorites there, Nicole, told us that she was surprised she hadn't sent home an accident report yet!  She said everytime she turns around he is up on something and then have to get him down.  And I know he is quick -- at the park he tries to go everywhere Nathan is going.  It is cute and terrifying all at once. 

Poor Nathan has a bit of the sickness now, and is coughing downstairs and sometimes he sounds like a seal.  It's that croup-type of cough...I had to go the dentist on Wednesday (and got a glowing report) and my hygenist told me that the same virus that causes adults to lose their voice causes kids to get the croup...interesting, eh?  It's just a virus though. 

I wish I lived in Stars Hallow.  Only a few people will get that.  I dunno why, but when I think about the ideal place to live, it would be a small, quirky town.  and houses would have large yards, and there would be a lot of trees, and silly events, and a fun diner to eat at. 

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