Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have so been wanting to post about this...

Well, not about this, but we will get to the exciting after a cute picture of the boys!

Daddy and his faces.  Nathan just loves them.  He is so good at it!

But this is what I am so excited about - tada!  my closet is finished (well, not completely, but finished enough to be functional!).  Chris worked on it almost all day Sunday and it looks great.  When Nathan got up from his nap he went downstairs and then said, "Hey!  Who went and put a closet in the laundry room?!!!"  It was so funny.

Once he muds and tapes it, I will paint it, but until then, it is what it is.  On a whole, the huge laundry room project (subfloor, storage, closet, moving of pipes and appliances) is almost done!  All we have do now is put a new counter/sink in and cabinet, and it will be completed.  Excellent!

It was so nice to put the vacuum in the closet and shut the door.  YAE!

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