Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of November...

I can hardly believe it is the end of November already...and yet at the same time I am relieved since it has been a month of sickness for our family.  However, I am grateful that all we have had are relatively minor things...even having Evan in the hospital was minor compared to what some of my friends are dealing with right now! 

So, I am happy that Evan went back to the doctor on Tuesday and now has two ear infections...because honestly it could be much worse!  I surprised myself even as this is not my normal "attitude" the doctor's office, when he wrote out the latest script, I was like, "hey!  I think i will get my extra 5% off now at Target before Christmas!" and he just laughed at me and I was like, "well, trying to find the bright side here!"

I have started addressing Christmas cards...and I am very happy with how I do things now.   I don't buy the expensive cards - just a cute or simple card that I can have printed at Target...I feel bad buying something expensive as most people just throw them away.  However, I do keep all my Christmas cards for one year...I like going through last years cards before Christmas season starts...I find a lot of them hilarious.  Anyways, I do my cards in two steps.  First, there are the required cards that go out - these are for grandparents, parents, brothers/sisters and close friends.  This is a short list.  These people get a card no matter what.  Everyone else is on the "other" list.  If you sent me a Christmas card last year, you get one this year.  If you didn't, too dang bad.  Occasionally I will be filled with Christmas spirit and try to reach out to a friend or two who hasn't connected with me in years to see what happens, but other than that, that's it. 

Tomorrow Nathan has his second trip to the dentist...hopefully it will go as well as last time.  Evan is better, so I will probably send him to school for a half day.

Even though we had to cancel our vacation last week, we still had a fun night one night going to see Santa. I will have to scan in the pictures with Santa, but afterwards we went to the foodcourt and had dinner.  Below are some fun pictures from that night:

Do you think he likes ice cream?  He finished before Nathan and cried when we told him he couldn't have his brothers!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Tree Helpers

My mantel finished for Christmas!  (except for the stockings, which will be hung by the chimney with care LATER....)

I finally finished a project - my yo-yo garland!  isn't it great?!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baking away...

As promised, some recent pictures!

The annual Christmas stollen was made...and it turned out delicious as usual.  The only thing I didn't realize I didn't have was dark rum, so I had to use Bacardi.  I don't think it has as strong of a rum flavor as last time, but still good. 

Nathan and Grandma worked on the Reindeer Tracks...

Nathan helped me do some cutouts...he put all the cookie cutters in by himself this year.

Aunt Karen worked a lot on the Ritz ones...she did all the dipping this year I think.  I had to run to the store for cream (how could I forget cream?!!!  silly.)


Nathan with one of Daddy's "faces" for dinner again...

Evan is still doing well.  He woke up tonight a few times crying, but there was some yelling going on and I think he heard Nathan in the bathroom and got upset.  I've checked on him a few times, and despite the promise to myself that I would stop checking his temperature, I checked it twice tonight -- both normal.  I also had a nightmare last night, got up at midnight and had to check it...and it was normal. 

Last night was an odd of those nights where you feel like you have been sleeping for hours but then you wake up and it has only been like an hour and a half....ever have those?  I used to have those a lot more before I had kids...

The diagnosis on Gigi is still out.  I took her in for more labwork tonight as the results came back showing she has some sort of upper digestive problem which could be one of three things - IBD/inflammation, a pancreatic issue, or cancer.  I guess the lab test takes 5 - 7 days so it will be awhile before she starts treatment.  I am hoping she starts to show some signs of improving this week...I feel like she is light as a feather now...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20th. November 20th.

Yup, that is today.  Boy November has flown by.  Well, I went on my trip to Milwaukee and made it back safe.  Despite being at the airport an hour and a half before departure, I found myself waiting in an "unusually" long security line, followed by running to my gate (in my socks because I had Dankso's on that I couldn't run in) and being one of the last people on the plane.

After that, the captain comes on the speaker to tell us that there was going to be some pretty bad turbulence the last 20 minutes of the 40 minute flight - so, there would be no beverage service that morning.  I was like, dang, it is going to bumpy!  Oh goodie...combine my fear of flying (terrified!) with a bumpy  So, they pushed us away from the gate and we sat there for 10 minutes.  After that, the captain came on again and said the left engine was showing a "caution" light so the mechanic had to see if he could clear that before we could take off.  Seriously, I was like, "GET ME THE HE!! OFF THIS PLANE!"  but no, the mechanic cleared it, and I started praying.  It was definately a bumpy trip...a few times I thought we hit something, but it was just turbulence.  I am glad I don't fly very much. 

The conference was good...but Evan got pretty sick that day (or so I thought at the time).  He got sent home from daycare with bad diarhea and had to stay  home with Daddy the next day.  Chris said he took a 4+ hour nap...I guess this should have been our first clue.  On Friday, daycare was closed and Chris left on another pheasant hunting trip with my brother.  Things were good - we ran errands, played outside and raked and mowed up leaves, and had a good night at Grandma's where we ordered pizza. 

Saturday was even busier...I dropped Evan off at Grandma's and then my mom and sister came over and we made Christmas cookies -- about 5 PM I picked up Evan and he had had a great day spending time with Grandma.   We came home and I  made a bottle for Evan and started to get him ready for bed.  I noticed his ears were all red and then I felt his foreheard - the kids was burning up.

His fever was 103.8 - nothing too alarming for Evan when he first gets sick...the kid runs high fevers after shots too.  I gave him some ibuprofen, a bottle and some hugs, and put him to bed.  He fell asleep right away -- an hour later, his fever was down to 102, around 8pm, as I started to get Nathan ready for bed, it was 99 -- I was like, good boy Evan! 

Nathan and I got ready for bed as I had promised him he could sleep in my bed with me when Daddy was out of town...we got everything ready and then I tucked him in.  I was pretty tired from the big day so I was planning on going to bed too after I checked one more time on Evan.  Then it got fun...

Evan's temp was 94.5.  I was like, what?!  This thermometer must be broken.  I checked again and again and again and it would read 95, 95.1, 94.9.  I checked it on me - 98.8, 98.5...I checked it on Nathan - 97.6...what the heck was going on?  I called Chris and talked to him about it, and then googled a low temp...I did what they said...raised the temp of the house, bundled Evan up, tried to give him some more warm milk, and held him close (as much as he would let me).  Two hours went by and his temp was still low...I called the doctor.  He called me back and said, "take him in.  Sounds like an infection, possibly pnenomia." 

Nathan was so upset I never came back to the room, but by 11PM he was finally asleep.  I tried to wake him up to tell him I was leaving, but he didn't budge.  I called Chris' parents and all I said, "I need help.  Evan is sick and I have to go to the ER, can you come?"  They came.  Grandpa stayed with Nathan and Grandma came with me and I am so glad she was there because it was awful.

When we got into triage, Evan's rectal temp was only 94.6...they took him back almost right away and tried to get an IV into the boy.  I held him for over an hour as the tears streamed down his face as they tried over and over again to get an IV into him...the veins kept collapsing and  his arms were getting bruised and splotchy.  I was calling out to Jesus silently for help as the tears streamed down my face as well...finally they were able to get an IV in on the 6th attempt and get some blood drawn. 

A half hour later, the tests started to come back...they finally did a chest xray and sure enough, pnenomia.  Because his was so little and his temp was still low, they decided to transfer us to Mercy, so Evan and I got to ride in an ambulance.

good grief, as if it couldn't be any more exhausting, the first ambulance arrives and we find out they cannot take us because the EMT dude in the back hasn't had IV training yet.  So, they had to call another, more trained, ambulance.  They showed up pretty quick, but took a while to get things ready for us.  There were three woman, and one of them was an idiot.  She didn't know how to hold the IV, she asked me if I wanted to attached the sensors to Evan (to which one of the other woman yells at her "that is a medical life saving device.  you can't have her do that!")  And then I hear the one woman ask the other woman as she gets into the driver's seat, "how do we get to Mercy from here?" 

Almost two hours later, we get to Mercy.  They check his temp and it is finally recovering.  Evan has now had one round of heavy-dose IV antibiotics...its about 6:30 AM and we get him some cheerios and he starts to act a little better...we all finally crash about 7:30 and sleep for an hour. 

We spent the day there, and although his temp would go up to 98, it would sometimes drop back down to 96.  The doctors said it could just be how Evan's body reacts to a bad infection, or it could be the pnenomia...either way, about 7PM that night they said we could (SHOULD) go home because Evan was acting great (a little terror there...he had had it being stuck in that room all day, attached that IV, he wanted OUT).  Oh, and did I mention, the IV was in his thumb sucking hand? So, yes, that made him quite ornery as well.

But, I do have to say, I much prefer the ornery Evan to the cold, clammy Evan I had a mere 24 hours earlier. 

He is doing well -- we kept him home from school until Thursday, and sent him back.  They said he had a great day.  I had a hard time sleeping all week...I would get up and feel his forehead, check his temp (which I have since learned drops for him when he falls asleep), and make sure he was breathing.  Thursday was the first night where I didn't wake up 5 or 6 times to do that...and by Thursday night, I was exhausted. 

I cancelled our first ever family vacation, and yes, that is why I am sitting here right now typing this all out.  It didn't seem right to take Evan to a waterpark one week after being admitted to the hospital for pnenomia.  The doctor said he would be fine, but I was too worried about being away if things acted up again. 

I know it was the right thing to do, but I can't help feeling a little bummed about it -- we would be there by now, exploring the hotel room and probably having some dinner.  Tomorrow and Tuesday would have been such fun days - but now, Chris and I are both going to go to work instead.  Such is life! 

I am so thankful for the doctors and nurses that took care of us all...with a few exceptions, most everyone was wonderful and I could tell they felt awful with how bad little Evan felt.  The first bill has come, and yes, while that does hurt, especially knowing that more bills will come, it is okay, because it was for Evan.

I am just hoping he doesn't have a relapse or anything, and that we all stay healthy.  Chris says that we should reschedule the trip in January...but now I fear that any trip I schedule will have to be cancelled by sickness. 

On Friday I found out my kitty (Gigi) is very sick.  We are running tests - she is down to 8 pounds, when she is normally at 12. 

Whew.  This is a long post.  But this is what has been going on lately.  A happier post next time...with pictures.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flying around...

It was a busy weekend...even when we don't have things planned, we keep busy.  I took the day off on Thursday to take Nathan to his early childhood screening which is required for going to kindergarten.  While I think a few of the things they tested are probably good, I balk at having to do things like that mandated by the government.  They asked a lot of stupid questions too.  Boo.  Nathan did great however and wow'ed them with his brilliance (I can talk up my kid a little, right?)

After that we headed to have his four year pictures taken - usually the girl I have do the pictures is awesome, but she was working with a new computer system that day and I could tell she was frustrated.  The pictures turned out very well though and Nathan was so cooperative.  Oh, pretty, that morning I let Nathan watch cartoons before we went, and given the Christmas season is almost upon us, they had tons of toy commercials.  Well, one of them was for Pillow Pets, so Nathan kept asking me and asking me for a Pillow Pet.  After we took pictures we walked around Babies R Us, and of course, they had Pillow Pets, so I caved and got him one (the moose).  He was super well behaved all morning though, so I felt good in giving him it.  He loves it and I do too! 

I am totally putting one on my Christmas list. 

On Friday, little Evan stayed home again with me due to some bad congestion and I thought he could use some extra napping.

although, the kid is a stinker.  I came downstairs and found this:

The culprit was trying to get to Daddy's computer....naughty Evan!  (he was so proud I could not keep a straight face)

So, tomorrow I have to fly to Milwaukee for a conference for work.  Argh.  Flying.  I know the statistics, that I am like 10,000 times more likely to be killed 5.64 miles from my home in a car accident then in a plane crash...but ever since 9/11 I get terrified.  I am calmed by knowing God is always in charge...but I definately will still be saying prayers the entire trip.  I come home Thursday, so I am glad it is short.

Apparently, we are supposed to get some snow I dug out the winter gear...both kids loved it!

Evan says, "bring on the snow!  BRING IT!"
 Nathan thought his new suit was stylin'.  Got it last year on clearance.  BOOYA.

My gosh I love these boys!  So adorable. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

October is....gone?

Well, I don't really know what my last post was about, but October just flew by.  Chris goes hunting, I was home with sick kids, then got sick myself, and Evan has been fighting this cold bug off and on now for weeks.  He is home again today, and isn't sick at all, but daycare always gets worried when he gets congested and goop comes out of his eye.  The doctors have looked at it like three times before and it is never pink-eye, just congestion, but, since daycare gets nervous and I am home, he can stay with me.  So, here we are! 

I am slowly taking down the birthday decorations, pumpkins, and transitioning to having a few things up for Thanksgiving and starting on Christmas.  Christmas, you say?!  Yes!  There is hardly the time to get things ready right after Thanksgiving. 

Here are some pics of our last months - my camera has always been on the fritz, as well as blogger, which is another reason for lack of posts...(i have to admit, the break has been nice though!)

Being silly with Mommy's socks
 We went to a wedding a few weeks took a long time to get food and dessert to the kids weren't the best, but Evan really enjoyed clapping with everyone else...

And in between all that it was somebody's 4th birthday!!!!  We didn't have a big party, but I did bring cupcakes (with sprinkles) to his class on the actual day, and then a few days later we celebrated with ice cream cake and a pancake dinner.  Nathan loved it!

My baby is four!

This kid loves cake.
 Nathan actually enjoyed doing pumpkins this year.  He drew a pretty decent face and I cut out pretty much what he drew...

Evan loved digging in the pumpkin too...
 Since Halloween was on a Monday, I knew the kids would not make it going to school, and then trick or treating, and then going to both grandparent's houses.  So, we went the day before to my mom's so she could see the costumes, and then Chris' parents stopped by the night worked out so well...I wasn't half as stressed and the kids got to go to bed on time...

Nathan was so proud of his tractor...the thing will probably have to be tossed...I could put it up in the crawl space, but it is already starting to fall apart, so I dunno.  He really wanted to be a blue tractor, and got so frustrated when people called him a blue "truck" or "train"...pretty funny. 

Well, the next few weeks prove to be just as busy as the last few...maybe even more.  I have training in Milwaukee next week for two days and have to fly over there...a little worried but trusting in God that I will be okay no matter what.  I just have this horrid fear of flying.  After that, the next day Chris is hunting again Friday - Monday, so I will be home with the kids.  But, I am thinking it would be a great time to whip out a bunch of Christmas cookies (I am behind, usually I start in October) and some stollen which I always give to my mom around Thanksgiving.  And, my brother wants a loaf this year, so I think I need to triple the batch. 

After that, we are heading to Wisconsin Dells with the kids the next weekend/week...Sunday - Wednesday...right before Thanksgiving.  It will be our first official family vacation!  I am excited.  When we get back, we have a Wild game to go to that night, and then its Thanksgiving and there is family stuff going on that whole weekend!

I think things may calm down after that, but then again, it is Christmas so I find that unlikely.  Although, we did find out there are some parties that we aren't invited to this year, which at first I was kind of sad about, but, it turns out it may be quite the blessing in disguise!