Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of November...

I can hardly believe it is the end of November already...and yet at the same time I am relieved since it has been a month of sickness for our family.  However, I am grateful that all we have had are relatively minor things...even having Evan in the hospital was minor compared to what some of my friends are dealing with right now! 

So, I am happy that Evan went back to the doctor on Tuesday and now has two ear infections...because honestly it could be much worse!  I surprised myself even as this is not my normal "attitude" the doctor's office, when he wrote out the latest script, I was like, "hey!  I think i will get my extra 5% off now at Target before Christmas!" and he just laughed at me and I was like, "well, trying to find the bright side here!"

I have started addressing Christmas cards...and I am very happy with how I do things now.   I don't buy the expensive cards - just a cute or simple card that I can have printed at Target...I feel bad buying something expensive as most people just throw them away.  However, I do keep all my Christmas cards for one year...I like going through last years cards before Christmas season starts...I find a lot of them hilarious.  Anyways, I do my cards in two steps.  First, there are the required cards that go out - these are for grandparents, parents, brothers/sisters and close friends.  This is a short list.  These people get a card no matter what.  Everyone else is on the "other" list.  If you sent me a Christmas card last year, you get one this year.  If you didn't, too dang bad.  Occasionally I will be filled with Christmas spirit and try to reach out to a friend or two who hasn't connected with me in years to see what happens, but other than that, that's it. 

Tomorrow Nathan has his second trip to the dentist...hopefully it will go as well as last time.  Evan is better, so I will probably send him to school for a half day.

Even though we had to cancel our vacation last week, we still had a fun night one night going to see Santa. I will have to scan in the pictures with Santa, but afterwards we went to the foodcourt and had dinner.  Below are some fun pictures from that night:

Do you think he likes ice cream?  He finished before Nathan and cried when we told him he couldn't have his brothers!

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