Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flying around...

It was a busy weekend...even when we don't have things planned, we keep busy.  I took the day off on Thursday to take Nathan to his early childhood screening which is required for going to kindergarten.  While I think a few of the things they tested are probably good, I balk at having to do things like that mandated by the government.  They asked a lot of stupid questions too.  Boo.  Nathan did great however and wow'ed them with his brilliance (I can talk up my kid a little, right?)

After that we headed to have his four year pictures taken - usually the girl I have do the pictures is awesome, but she was working with a new computer system that day and I could tell she was frustrated.  The pictures turned out very well though and Nathan was so cooperative.  Oh, pretty funny...so, that morning I let Nathan watch cartoons before we went, and given the Christmas season is almost upon us, they had tons of toy commercials.  Well, one of them was for Pillow Pets, so Nathan kept asking me and asking me for a Pillow Pet.  After we took pictures we walked around Babies R Us, and of course, they had Pillow Pets, so I caved and got him one (the moose).  He was super well behaved all morning though, so I felt good in giving him it.  He loves it and I do too! 

I am totally putting one on my Christmas list. 

On Friday, little Evan stayed home again with me due to some bad congestion and I thought he could use some extra napping.

although, the kid is a stinker.  I came downstairs and found this:

The culprit was trying to get to Daddy's computer....naughty Evan!  (he was so proud I could not keep a straight face)

So, tomorrow I have to fly to Milwaukee for a conference for work.  Argh.  Flying.  I know the statistics, that I am like 10,000 times more likely to be killed 5.64 miles from my home in a car accident then in a plane crash...but ever since 9/11 I get terrified.  I am calmed by knowing God is always in charge...but I definately will still be saying prayers the entire trip.  I come home Thursday, so I am glad it is short.

Apparently, we are supposed to get some snow tonight...so I dug out the winter gear...both kids loved it!

Evan says, "bring on the snow!  BRING IT!"
 Nathan thought his new suit was stylin'.  Got it last year on clearance.  BOOYA.

My gosh I love these boys!  So adorable. 

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