Friday, November 4, 2011

October is....gone?

Well, I don't really know what my last post was about, but October just flew by.  Chris goes hunting, I was home with sick kids, then got sick myself, and Evan has been fighting this cold bug off and on now for weeks.  He is home again today, and isn't sick at all, but daycare always gets worried when he gets congested and goop comes out of his eye.  The doctors have looked at it like three times before and it is never pink-eye, just congestion, but, since daycare gets nervous and I am home, he can stay with me.  So, here we are! 

I am slowly taking down the birthday decorations, pumpkins, and transitioning to having a few things up for Thanksgiving and starting on Christmas.  Christmas, you say?!  Yes!  There is hardly the time to get things ready right after Thanksgiving. 

Here are some pics of our last months - my camera has always been on the fritz, as well as blogger, which is another reason for lack of posts...(i have to admit, the break has been nice though!)

Being silly with Mommy's socks
 We went to a wedding a few weeks took a long time to get food and dessert to the kids weren't the best, but Evan really enjoyed clapping with everyone else...

And in between all that it was somebody's 4th birthday!!!!  We didn't have a big party, but I did bring cupcakes (with sprinkles) to his class on the actual day, and then a few days later we celebrated with ice cream cake and a pancake dinner.  Nathan loved it!

My baby is four!

This kid loves cake.
 Nathan actually enjoyed doing pumpkins this year.  He drew a pretty decent face and I cut out pretty much what he drew...

Evan loved digging in the pumpkin too...
 Since Halloween was on a Monday, I knew the kids would not make it going to school, and then trick or treating, and then going to both grandparent's houses.  So, we went the day before to my mom's so she could see the costumes, and then Chris' parents stopped by the night worked out so well...I wasn't half as stressed and the kids got to go to bed on time...

Nathan was so proud of his tractor...the thing will probably have to be tossed...I could put it up in the crawl space, but it is already starting to fall apart, so I dunno.  He really wanted to be a blue tractor, and got so frustrated when people called him a blue "truck" or "train"...pretty funny. 

Well, the next few weeks prove to be just as busy as the last few...maybe even more.  I have training in Milwaukee next week for two days and have to fly over there...a little worried but trusting in God that I will be okay no matter what.  I just have this horrid fear of flying.  After that, the next day Chris is hunting again Friday - Monday, so I will be home with the kids.  But, I am thinking it would be a great time to whip out a bunch of Christmas cookies (I am behind, usually I start in October) and some stollen which I always give to my mom around Thanksgiving.  And, my brother wants a loaf this year, so I think I need to triple the batch. 

After that, we are heading to Wisconsin Dells with the kids the next weekend/week...Sunday - Wednesday...right before Thanksgiving.  It will be our first official family vacation!  I am excited.  When we get back, we have a Wild game to go to that night, and then its Thanksgiving and there is family stuff going on that whole weekend!

I think things may calm down after that, but then again, it is Christmas so I find that unlikely.  Although, we did find out there are some parties that we aren't invited to this year, which at first I was kind of sad about, but, it turns out it may be quite the blessing in disguise!

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