Thursday, December 22, 2011

Clean like you have never cleaned before day!

Because the Speltz family is coming over to dinner!

This morning I was bad.  I did not get up when Chris got up to go to work and to take the kids to school.  I stayed in my bed.  It was warm, and my throat was kind of hurting, and Evan had been up twice during the night and therefore I didn't feel like it.  Also, it is going to be the only day probably during break where I can sleep in and have it be...QUIET.  Let's face it, kids are loud.

But, currently I am boiling eggs, looking at my to do list, and starting with the master bathroom.  I clean one area at a time, very methodical, and then I close the door as a sign it is finished (unless the cats are in there).

Speaking of cats, Roary and Gigi are obsessed...OBSESSED with the water faucet.  It has gotten so bad, that if I don't turn it on the moment they run up here in the mornings, they start  howling at me and licking the bottom of the sink as if they had been stranded on a desert for two weeks or something.  (they have water 100% of the time)

Since I like pictures in my blog, here are pictures from two weeks ago - the kids Christmas program...granted, my camera doesn't take good pics far away. 

Evan ringing his jingle bells!  he was so cute up there.

Then, when it was time to dance, he was the only one to actually dance, but he turned around and watched his friends to do it.  too funny.

Nathan's class.  He was the "naughty" one up there that kept going up to the top riser.  It was like it was calling his name or somethiing.

His teacher finally gave up and let him be up there (other kids had by then gone up too) you can really see him singing!

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