Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday surprises...

I woke up yesterday morning and started to get the kids ready for school...Nathan asked if he could stay home with me, and I thought, why not?  It's been a while since I spent a day with Nathan, healthy and with no errands to we did! 

About 9:30 I realized I should have brought my work computer home because I had about 50 emails and it would have been nice to some of that cleaned up since next week is fully booked almost with no time to breathe!  So, Nathan has been begging to go to work with me and see inside "all those buildings" so we went.

I brought my laptop from home and a movie and that was smart...I worked for a couple hours while Nathan watched the Chipmunks.  He got to ride on his first escalator (which he kept calling "alligator") which was pretty funny.  He said he wasn't scared and was ready to step on it but when I took a step he didn't!  I started to go down and had to run back up and pick him up and put it on it.  He insisted he wasn't scared and would do the next one "all by himself"...which he did.  We went up and down a bunch of them, so he got a lot of practice.

He loved all the decorations out for CHRISTMAS...all the Christmas trees, the lights, the music in the skyways...he loved the water fountains...just fun.  We were going to head to McDonalds to lunch, but we walked past this one area where there are a bunch of food shops and Nathan goes, "what smells so good?" and I was like, "it's food!  they have all sorts of stuff down here...there is a hotdog place back there that I like..." and then he said he really wanted a hotdog.  It was a Friday special...two dogs for like $3.25, so that's what we got.  It was so wonderful to sit downtown and eat a hotdog with my son and share that with him. 

After that we headed home...we had parked at Target since it's the cheapest way to go if you are only downtown for a few hours.  We came home and then it was a naptime...I got all the laundry done (well, done and laundry is a relative term), the cleaning down (mostly! vacuuming) and my toes were FREEZING so I took a bath and read a book.  I am reading a book about a blind cat called Homer.  It's starting to get good.

Then, Chris came home and we all headed out for what he said was a "family dinner" night...which I thought was a really nice idea of him.  The moon was beautiful and I was excited.  More to come later on what he surprised me with...I need the pictures!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day!! Now get the post about the surprise up, the suspense might kill me! :)