Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday surprises...part duex...

but, alas, with no pictures.  My sister has been pretty sick and she had most of them, and my camera is currently downstairs with hubby as he is wrestling with the furnace...which has been on the fritz for the past few days and has now petered out.  The frickin' thing is only six years old...can't they make anything that lasts anymore?

Back to, in the car Daddy tells me that we are going to Dave and Busters...that Nathan will love the games afterwards and Evan will just be watching all the lights and I thought that was a great idea...when we get there though, there are friends/family there with a little birthday surprise party for me!  I got so nervous I could barely eat...then after dinner we played games, came home, and he had gotten me a buttercream cake!  Plus, his parents had stopped by and totally decorated teh house...there were streamers and stuff was totally cute...even Roary had a bow made out of streamers around his neck...I think there are pictures, but again, I wasn't in charge of the camera and so I am not totally sure. 

Anyways, I was really surprised...and honestly, I always thought I would love a surprise party but it kind of made me nervous...I was wearing my grubs from the day, and I hadn't done my hair or put any makeup on...and the fact that people were then over I was like, "thank goodness I didn't leave out my laundry or something....!" 

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