Friday, December 23, 2011

I miss you Aunt Jeanne!

My Aunt Jeanne used to invite us over for a Christmas dinner before Christmas every year.  And as kids, we didn't go many places or do many things, so this was a big deal for us.  She passed a few years ago and I miss her.  And her food.  Honestly, I do.  I think she would be proud and happy though I said that.

Anyways, I made:

Cheesy Tot's (four pounds worth of hashbrowns people!)
Cherry Bing Salad (a true classic...I don't like, but the kids do!)
Pillsbury Rolls hot from the oven for Karen
Corn with red and green peppers

And that's it!  Mint chocolate chip ice cream and brownies for dessert.  Aunt Jeanne would have served vanilla ice cream with a topping, Christmas cookies, and Divinity.   My ham turned out...not that it is that hard to screw up a ham, but sometimes you get a bad one...I cooked it low and slow baby.  Oh, and my potatoes were great last night was pretty funny seeing me try to mix up four pounds of potatoes in the biggest bowl I had...

Here are some pictures from the  night: 
Didn't get my camera out until Evan was ready for bed...I quickly took one!

The kids downstairs playing.

Everybody loves Uncle Kevin


I find it amusing that kids find the oddest things and places so fun (crawl space).

Nathan was so good..sharing all his toys and setting things up...he loved having his cousins over!

Okay...time to cut them off I think!

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