Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh has been almost a week since my last post!

So much or keeping up on my blogging!  oh well, I am sure everyone is just as busy as I am and doesn't have time to read posts anyways...and I am doing better than last month, so huzzah to me!

Lookie at what I finished *rah rah rah* 

My sister told me the other day she thought I was amazing -- that I work, raise two kids, and still find time to do projects.  I don't find myself amazing in the least...each time I examine myself and my life I find there is so much room for improvement it almost always overwhelms and depresses me.  I want to be like my mom in the way that she is completely self-less...rarely thinking of herself...but dang, do I have a long ways to go... 

Look at the close-up though on this quilting!  (My MIL did it...she is amazing as well!  I also want to be like HER in more ways than one):
Can you see the Christmas trees?  And the "Noel" in the brown?

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