Thursday, December 22, 2011

So...the house is pretty clean...

and now I am brother and his family sent me a rather cryptic message so now I am not sure if they are coming.  how am I supposed to know whether or not to make two batches of cheesy potatoes?

And dang this throat of mine...I want it to go away!  go away sore throat!  hopefully it will be better by tomorrow.

Oh, and a courier came, and I am still in my nightgown, so I had to throw on a robe and answer the door.  I bet I looked just lovely.

oh well.  at least the house has had a good scrubbing...and I am going to go get the dust and dust a few things I never the ceiling fans...and then I plan on going and gluing the leaves onto our fake bush that have fallen off.  It is an old bush, and has seen better days.  I really need a new one.

Anyways, here are some pics of the before and after of our fridge!  I redo the pictures once a year:



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