Friday, December 23, 2011

What an interesting day...

So I woke up with a doosy of a headache.  It was bad bad bad.  Christopher was headed off to go fishing, and brought us back from breakfast and a coffee for me before he left.  Then, about halfway through breakfast, I did NOT feel good.  I kept eating, thinking it was a fluke, but it got worse.  I tried to play with the kids and just relax, but I was pretty close to running to the bathroom....

I called around to see if anyone could come grab the kids for a few hours, but no one was, I called Chris then and told him if he could come off the lake early that would be great, because I felt horrid. 

I put Evan down for a morning snooze, it was about 9:45, and then grabbed some Ginger Ale and rested.  About an hour later...I felt fine.  Very odd.  I still have my headache lingering, but I am so thankful that horrid sickness is gone (and no, I am not pregnant). 

After that I made egg salad, and ham salad (with the leftover ham from my successful Christmas dinner party last night!) and then made ribbon sandwiches.  I am going to take the ribbons sammies over to my mom's tomorrow night for Christmas Eve...I am very excited for these and hope they will be delicious!   My Aunt Jeanne used to make these and I would just gobble them up like nothing. 

No pictures right now.  Camera is charging.  Since both kids are resting/napping, I am going to try to grade a few papers...only 45 more and I am done for the year! 

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