Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have nothing really bad to report...nor nothing good.  Both kids are sick.  Both kids have seen the doctor, and they have nothing, so they are deemed to have a "virus".

evil stinking viruses. 

Nathan spent the day yesterday hovering between 100-104 least he kept food and drink down.  This morning at 6AM he threw up all over his bed.  Which reminds me...his sheets are still in the dryer.  He couldn't keep any medicine down all day so the poor kid has been suffering with a fever most of the day...finally about at 1PM he kept down a little ibuprofen, the fever broke, and went down to 98.  Of course, it has creeped back up again...and Nathan has gotten sick again (dang you applesauce!).

I have been hovering between a sense of peace, and a sense of's time to start freaking out! all day.  I just get weird when my kids eye's glaze over and the fever won't subside. 

I laid with Nathan this afternoon until he felt better.  What makes me feel better is listening to his breathing...I just want to be close to him, to make sure he is okay.

Evan is doing better than Nathan...his fevers have not been near as high, and he is eating I am not as worried about him anymore (I was earlier in the week!).

I am trying to keep busy with things other than worry, biting nails, and hovering too much.  It's dang  hard.  Tomorrow I hope to have a better report.

For sure I have decided the kids aren't going back to daycare until Wednesday.  They need some time to recoup, even if they do get better tomorrow.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


My life.  windy.  Like, I am just getting blown around all the time, from here to there, with no direction.  The days rush past so quickly it is morning before I go to sleep and when I wake up it feels like it is a few minutes and it will be evening.

this morning was no exception. 

Evan started getting sick again on Friday...he was better this weekend though and was doing okay at school.  Fast forward to today...we dropped the kids off, got into work by 7:30, and daycare called at 8:02 to tell me his fever was 101.2, and that RSV has been going around in the baby room, and we had better get Evan checked out.  Goodie.  We both rode the bus so Chris got a ride home, picked up Evan, took him to the doctor, they ran a test (which we won't know the results until tomorrow) and that's it.  Even if he does have it though, they don't do anything until he starts to have trouble breathing. 

I know I felt like this with Nathan the first few months of daycare.  This horrible, "time to give up and call it a day" feeling...thoughts in my head fluttering around...i should quit.  i should stay home.  This isn't worth it.  

But then a calming voice reminds me *this too shall pass*.  And then reason sets in, about how much better Evan is doing than Nathan did his first few months of daycare.  And I relax.  But only for a minute.

Because, you know, in addition to working, I have a house to manage.  Tonight I had to go was the last possible day to use one of my Target 10% coupons, and since I only have a few of those left, I needed to take advantage of it.  Man, Target is so busy lately.  The shelves are always practically empty...either they are doing well, I go at the wrong time, or they just don't want to keep inventory on hand. 

And the food prices...yikes!  At Christmas, eggs were $1.29.  Now they are a $1.89.  Is it just me, or is that like a 50% increase?  When is the last time I got a 50% raise?  ummmm....never.  apparently I should go to work for the gov't and get a union job and then pretend to be sick so I can go protest at the Capitol that I make too little money even though I make twice as much as someone who doesn't work for the government.  yeah.  I should do that.  Sounds like a sweet deal. 

Speaking of sweets...yae!  Starburst Jelly Beans are back! 

I am glad it is Thursday.  My list of things is growing so long I cannot keep up.  I have some exciting things in the works though.  I am re-doing my downstairs half bath.  I shouldn't say "re-doing"'s never been painted anything but white.  I picked colors.  I bought towels.  I found a shelf to order.  And then I am going to swap out light fixtures.  And find cute things to put on the shelf.  And it shall be lovely. 

My MIL and I are going to make two baskets for our daycares silent auction.  We are going to do a "baby" basket and a "household/kitchen" basket.  We are going to make a lot of stuff for the I need to work on that when there is time. 

We are going to do some work in our laundry/utility room.  It is a very large one, and it does not use this space wisely.  Since our house isn't huge, and I think we will be here forever given the way things are going, we need to make use of all possible space.  I want to put in a closet in the laundry room, for hunting clothes, boots, and winter stuff.  I also want to put in a small broom closet - for brooms and some other items.  To do this, I think we have to move our water heater.  We are also contemplating putting a ceiling in (20+ ceiling currently) and creating a level for storage. 

My running hasn't been going so well.  I don't know if I will make my goal of doing a 5K in around 30 minutes.  I walked at 5mph the other day for over a mile.  I didn't think it would be that hard.  It was awful...what a different workout speedwalking is...then, on Wednesday, I ran a 10 minute mile..but couldn't go much farther.  how I am ever going to get to 5K is beyond me. I am trying not to get discouraged.  It would be easier if I loved it. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Flakes.

There are big flakes falling down right now.  These big flakes caused me to WFH today.  Not that I really felt like going into work even if it was a nice, warm, 40 degrees without snow, but after driving home in the dark with little to no visibility last night was definately a turning point.  Plus, the kids don't have daycare today, and even though Chris was going to stay home, two is better than one, especially since Evan is sick again with another virus or something.

We got our end tables in this Friday...and Chris had to do some minor assembly.  It's nice to have something stable in the family room after 5+ years of using TV trays...

Auntie Karen came over Saturday morning while I was at my quilting class and watched the kids.  Evan apparently really liked this. 

I have to admit, February and January have seemed to kind of run together in my mind as sick, icky months.  While I have been trying to remaing positive, the truth is I am tired of wiping noses, hearing my baby cough, and feeling run-down myself.  Speaking of running, last Wednesday was such a tease...I ran outside, and did pretty well for the first time.  It was 60 degrees.  Now it is cold, and snowing again, which I expected, but, thinking about going downstairs on the treadmill, just thinking about it, takes enormous effort. 

Work has been gearing up, and each day I thank God for my job and remind myself how blessed I am to be working.  However, I long to be home with my kids and keeping house -- while my job usually satisfies my professional/social side, my heart just isn't in it this year, making it more difficult than usual. 

But, I have been, for the past two or three weeks, working slowing on my binding for this quilt...and finally, it is done!  I have put it away for some use to be later determined...but am very happy that for now, I can cross one tiny item off my list and maybe put another item in its place. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monster Cookies

Here is my recipe for Monster Cookies.  I took everything I liked about various versions of this cookie and put it into one.  The only "tip" I definately recommend is to use all natural peanut butter.  If you use sweetened peanut butter with crap in it, the cookies would definately not be as good (and probably be too sweet).

2 eggies
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1 t. vanilla extract
1 t. corn syrup
1 t. baking soda
1/3 c. butter
1 c. peanut butter
3 c. oats
2/3 c. chocolate chips
2/3 c. M&M's

I pretty much just dump it all together in the above order and bake 12 minutes at 350 degrees.  (Okay, I mix the first five ingredients first, then add everything but the chocolates, and hand mix the chocolates in last...but doesn't everyone know that?)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Water engineers and other stuff...

Sunday was a beautiful day!  It was 40 degrees at 9:30...I decided after breakfast Nathan and I would definately venture outside. 

Evan stayed home with Daddy though!
We got all bundled up and headed out...Nathan can get everything on pretty well except for his mittens...which we ended up not needing!

The walk to the closest park is about a first I was thinking this was always too far...but now I enjoy it and am glad it will always force me and the kids out for a nice walk or bikeride...

Once we got to the walk we did some swinging on the "big kid" swing, and then Nathan all of a sudden picked up a chunk of ice and ate it. 
He held it out to me and said, "you want some Mom?"

Man that ice is delicious!
 The slides were so much fun for him..he kicked the snow and slipped and fell and had a great time...

Loving this little boy! 

I can tell already this spring will be quite a change for us...Nathan is already so much more adventurous and willing to try new things...

I mean, look at him go! 

On the way home we passed a million puddles...I didn't let him go into any of them until we got to our street.  Of course, our street had one of the biggest ones! 

What kid doesn't love a puddle?!!

Until you fall in it, of course, and get your face wet!

After that we got to our house and worked at making a little stream for the water in our driveway to drain...Nathan and I had a great time doing that! 

Watching the water go away!  It is almost all gone today, but our little path is still there...
On other notes, Nathan has just been hilarious lately.  He ate a spicy chip the other day and said, "Mom, the chip is burning my frogs!"  This is especially funny because Nathan believes there are frogs that live in his throat - and when he is hoarse, they are out of their "house", and when he isn't hoarse, he coughs "cough cough" and says, "there they are!". 

His sayings now include, "I know Mom"...when I tell him anything lately he says, "Yeah Mom, I know..."  and also he has been saying "actually" before everything.  "Actually Daddy, it is like this..."  "Actually Mommy..."  too funny. 

We spent lots of nights reading books in my closet.  For those of you that don't know, my closet is kind of my little "sanctuary"...I have pillows and blankets in there, and I often curl up in there and read books, pray, or just rest.  It is where I escape to in this house...anyways, Nathan has been coming in there lately and we have been reading books together (he reads his, I read mine).  The other night he said, "come on in guys..." and told me his "alligators" were in there with us.  They are all "tendse", which means, "pretend", and it is pretty funny to watch him start to play make-believe. 

Evan has been rolling all around, and made some attempts at crawling but hasn't figured out he has to lift his belly up off the ground.  He is a total thumb-sucker, and can calm himself down at pretty much anything once he gets his thumb.  He is going through another "i don't really want to drink much" phase...which, doesn't have me as concerned as last time, as he is continuing to pound down lots of solid foods.  I think he may be starting to like the solid foods better...

Time to relax for the rest of the night...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Working mama...

Mama has been working on so many things lately...

working on getting healthy...

working hard at stay warm...

working on fitness and getting into shape...

working hard at work....

working on administrative items for the family...which, speaking of that, dang there is so much!  Especially this time of year...I am pretty organized, but I still go through everything one more time at the end of the year, and sort, and file, and toss, and shred, and then backup, and clean, and organize for the new year.  Sheesh.  I started last night and I am only half-way through this morning!  No wonder by 9pm I am exhausted...oh!  that's another...

working on not being so exhausted...

working on finding time for everyone including myself... (which is so much harder lately than I thought...I currently have been trying to have Friday's off...but I have to work tomorrow, and three out of the four Fridays in January I was either home with sick kids, or sick myself...)

working on trying to remember to spend time with God as well each day (which lately I find very challenging as well...everytime I start to have a chat, I fall asleep.  Fortunately I know the Lord understands, but clearly, I can do better...)

suddenly I am too tired to think and I just finished backing up my 2010 pictures.  going to bed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Clearly, men get all the breaks...

So, hubby goes to the doctor, and comes home with an army full of antibiotics and prescription drugs.

Me, I go to the doctor, with virtually the same symptoms and an ear that is acting up again, and get told, "take ibuprofen."


So, I ignored the doctor, and came home and took two Honeyweiss. 

I feel much better now.

Screw you doctor. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Furniture, flus, and fun dinosaurs...

This week started out pretty well...we had plans scheduled with friends on Wednesday night, and on Saturday we had planned to spend the day shopping and followed by dinner at a German restaurant we both enjoy to celebrate Valentine's day. 

We did get to go out with our friends Wednesday, but that's when daycare called and Nathan wasn't feeling or acting like his normal self.   He was okay though, so we didn't pick him up early. 

Evan got to wear his dinosaur outfit one more time (it barely fits), so we had to get this cute picture early Wednesday morning. 

Wednesday night though Chris started coming down with whatever crap Nathan and Evan have had, and so he stayed home with Nathan on Thursday.  I figured even though Nathan could go to school, he had a bad cough and might as well take advantage of Daddy being home.  Well, a few hours later daycare called and Daddy had to go get Evan too as he had a fever.  So, all three boys were home sick together while Mommy was at work. 

Friday everyone stayed home, including myself since I don't work Fridays, and I had plans to go over to my MIL's for a fun afternoon/night of sewing.  I was worried I might come down with something and would have to cancel...but I made it over there..and made great progress on some projects. 

Below is the wall hanging I am doing for Evan...I got all the pieces cut out and tacked down.  Now I will just need to get the batting, pin it all together, and do a little hand quilting around the planes and some embroidery work. 

I also spent about four or five hours sewing these bad boys together...I now have all the pieces to actually start making the blocks for this quilt.  Or, for at least most of the quilt.  Not sure on how big I want it, I didn't make all the pieces I think I will eventually need.  But, I am excited to have this part done -- it is going to be fun to actually start making the blocks and laying stuff out. 

Today was the day we were supposed to go shopping/dinner, like I said, but with the sicknessess that got cancelled...or so I thought.  Chris said I needed to "get out of the house", which was probably due to my shortness with the kids this morning.  I am not sure I am going to survive missing out on this sickness, but Chris says as much I want to, I am just not going to be allowed in the "sick club".  I hope he is right.  Anyways, my mom came over and we went furniture shopping for end tables for our family room.  I found a picture online of what I got...I was very happy to find something I liked! 

I have been wearing my Packer scarf almost all day long, and I am making up some chicken wings for tomorrow.  It is like the first time in 10 years we haven't been invited to a Superbowl party, and of course, my team is actually in the Superbowl this year so I wouldn't have been bored watching it!  But, given our family's current health, probably best we are not all scheduled to go somewhere.  Right now I am hoping I can make it through most of this and the kids will be feeling better by Monday.  I think Chris is feeling better this afternoon, so that is comforting.