Sunday, March 27, 2011

If you are having a bad day...

don't read this!  Because these pictures will just make you smile...

Gigi in her cuteness

Evan laughing at Mommy!

Here's Roary in his Roary-ness...

I don't know why all the boys love soccer balls, but they do!

Nathan in the tub. 
 This may be the last of the photos for awhile...I got some  message I have maxed out my space, so I am not sure how to deal with that.  There must be a way to decrease the picture size or something like that I have been posting on here. 

We had a good weekend...busy, but good.  I will be glad for when I don't have to work on weekends.  it gets too crazy!!  But I got to hang out late on Thursday night, and Saturday night I was out with friends, so all in all, I got some work done, some cleaning, and some good hanging out.  Too bad back to the office tomorrow!

Friday, March 25, 2011

What a treat!

(I tried to post this on Wednesday, but blogger was broken!)

We came home on Wednesday to find Kevin plowing out our driveway for us!  What a treat -  Chris' face lit up like he was a kid on Christmas Day...Kevin and Chris were going over to a friend's later on, and he beat us home and started...totally awesome. 

On Tuesday Chris stayed home and worked on the laundry room -- I told him to take some before pictures because when it is done, it is going to look crazy different. 
Here is a corner of the room that will become a closet - note the 20+ foot ceiling..that is going to be gone too.  Both the water heater and softener will be moving....

Here is where the water heater and softener are moving too..that black thing is the air needed to be moved up....

Here it is...getting moved up...not a big difference to some, but it is to me!  I always hit my head on that dang thing...

Monday, March 21, 2011

What exhausted looks like...

I think this is what exhausted looks like:
Falling asleep mid playing...
 I don't think I look half as cute when I am exhausted, that is for sure!  Today was Evan's 8 month birthday...yesterday I finally finished the binding on his wall hanging and put it up for him...tada! Now Nathan has the bunny wall hanging, and Evan has airplanes.  I put sequins on this...which was so fun. 

On the way down to the Great Grandma birthday party, I got some crocheting done (six hours in the car is more than enough time to complete one or two of these).  These are for a silent auction for Nathan and Evan's daycare this spring...

This is another item I made which will be auctioned off...a crocheted baby blanket.  It's not my usual pattern -- I tried something new and didn't care for it as much, but it still turned out lovely.  Note the tail!  I couldn't keep Roary off of it. 

He really wanted to lay on it....

I started a hardanger too for Mother's Day for my mom...I purchased this kit over a year ago now...I thought I would get it done last year for Mother's day..and then for their anniversary..and well, we will see if I finish it for this Mother's Day.  I think I will...I am committed to getting it done...and there is almost zero cross-stitch!  yae!  The hardest part is doing the first much counting and cross-checking! 

On another note, work was not as bad as I thought it was going to be today.  I was busy, but not overwhelmed.  Looking at my emails tonight, I think tomorrow I will be overwhelmed.  Chris is staying home to start on our laundry room remodel, so that will be exciting.  I will have to remind him to take some pictures.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trip to Great Grandma's Birthday Party

I have been meaning to blog about this since last weekend, but work has gotten in the way.  I thought I was under control Monday night...and then, well, the next thing I know it is Friday and I had already worked 67.4 hours (what ARE those union employees complaining about anyways?!!!)

Last Saturday we took a road trip down to the relatives for Chris' Grandma's 92nd birthday party.  We were a little concered about the weather for traveling, but the worst of it actually was in the cities.  Once we got past downtown, it was just windy, with no snow. 

I sat in the back so I was talking to Evan a lot the whole trip.  Despite the million times I said "ma-ma" he would always respond with "da-da".  figures. 
 They had toys there for the little kids, which was great, since we were stuck in an old hall for about 5 hours without much else to do besides eat.  Nathan really liked the toys...they were all these old school things I recognized....

Evan was just in awe of all the kids. 
 They had a ton of bean bag toss things there...I tried really hard to get a good action shot of Nathan, but he was always moving, and this was the best I could get...

After a few tries, he was smart enough to realize if we wanted these in the hole, why didn't we just walk them over and put them in?  Made sense to me...

The following day, Sunday, the day before my last post...I worked, and then I came home to watch Evan work on his crawling.  He was moving in circles and it was pretty funny, because in this picture, he was going into reverse and got his leg stuck under the couch.   Then he got pissed. 

Grandpa stopped by one night this week for like a minute, and Nathan insisted he have all his cars..  too cute!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Zebra-striped paperclips, pink three ring binders, and orange highlighters...

Today I perused the downtown Office Depot. 

It was a joy. 

I decided to schedule time each day while I am work for a little outing, or for something personal, or just to take a 15 minute break. 

So I went and shopping for two items that have been on my list for about four months - a cute three ring binder and some paper protectors.  I wanted to start a book of all my patterns.  The plan is to put the pattern in a paper protector, and then on the page next to it, put pictures of some of the versions that I have made (if I have made that pattern).  How cute will that be?!!!  I wanted to start on it tonight but didn't have time of course.
I also got myself a new notebook - and Nathan some stickers for Easter. 
Getting out to do this in the middle of the day was such a treat.  I feel like I have been locked away somehow, and just going up and down the aisles of writing utensils, glue sticks, and bags of packing peanuts was relaxing and seemed to take some weight of the world off my mind. 

I also told myself to start leaving piles of work on my desk and just go home each night.  While tonight it was hard to do, it felt good once I got home and let things go in my head.

I  needed to go for a jog, and since it was 40 degrees, I went outside.  I did a two mile loop (1.987 miles) in 21 minutes.  I was really happy about that because I had to walk for a little bit because I just ran out of steam.

Then I made some Squash Soup...but we ordered pizza because Kevin came over and Chris and Kevin went to talk to Kevin's buddies at the auto shop about some weird nose our Saturn is making.  Turns out it is a $500 repair expense that doesn't need to be that is good.  I guess they did something to stop the noise. 

I think tonight I will dream about all the cool three ring binders I saw...oh!  and the Zebra paperclips.  If they weren't $3.49 I would have bought them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Still recovering...

I am still recovering slowly from the Evil Stinkin' Virus of 2011 and am trying not to stress out about things so as to cause a relapse. 

After my day today, which went pretty poorly workwise, I thought I did a pretty good job of "holding it in" until I got home.  So, shortly after we walked in the door, I went for a jog...and I figured all my pent up frustrations would clearly show themselves in a really good jog.  But, just like work today, after my run, I felt like a constant disappointment to myself. 

It just seems that no matter how hard I try...or how much I practice, I just don't get any better at it.  I keep telling myself not to get discouraged - that going back to work a lot more in the past few months, as well as dealing with two kids now that get sick versus just one, and getting a few sicknesses myself, obviously has taken a toll.  Then, after I say that to myself in my head, another voice pops in and says, "or...maybe you just suck."  I tend to believe the latter. 

This is really not a big thing...and I have to commend myself for not giving up...when I clearly want to so much.  But, I think I need more friends that struggle with this..that have gone for a run on the treadmill and only been able to do 1.25 miles in 13 minutes and 38 seconds before completely just running out of energy...and then walking upstairs to have a good cry about it. 

So, anyways, unlike Mommy, Nathan and Evan are doing well.  We made a trip up to my brothers this weekend...and Nathan was all about wearing his sunglasses.  He refused to smile for me in them - clearly I was crampin' his style by even ASKING for a smile. 

too cool for school
I am still working through the laundry room plans.  I thought I had it all figured out...but everytime someone comes over and I explain to them what I want, they throw a wrench in the works by making suggestions and get me all confused again.  I have now decided to put in half of the closet I was going to do (the second half wouldn't have been usable space anyways, because the water heater/softener would be in there), and still do the broom closet, and ceiling with storage.  I am really not sure how long all of this will take to do...I only know it won't be done anytime soon.

We have to make a trip to Wanda this weekend for Chris' Grandma's birthday party...and then the following weekend we have relatives visiting us for an afternoon.  Sprinkle in a tax busy season and a Mommy who doesn't have a day to clean each week and the house becomes a chaotic, dirty mess.  or, at least I think so. 

I also really need to keep moving on little projects here at home...I promised to make things for our daycares silent auction this spring...and I have some really old quilted blocks I could sew into a quilt if I ever get some fabric and come up with some ideas.  Maybe the magic work and house cleaning fairy will come tonight and get all my chores done so I can focus on fun stuff.  maybe.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I got the crud.

It wasn't fun.  I also took Nathan back into the doctor Tuesday night.  His fever was still ragin'!  Fortunately, it is finally under control now...and Nathan does not have pnemonia or strep or anything like that.

We are both doing better...but now are suffering from runny, stuffy, raw noses.  ick.

I have been spending all my energy on 1. work and 2. family.  Between those two things, I haven't had time to think.   Except for now. 

I spent some time tonight thinking about the laundry room work we are doing.  I need to figure out where to put the cat tower.  dilemma. 

Tomorrow is normally my day to clean.  Instead of cleaning my house, I will be working on cleaning the piles off my desk at work. 


I got very discouraged today.  and jealous.  Those aren't good feelings to haul around.  Normally, I am immune to how much my clients make in a year.  But today, today when I was meeting with a client and he handed me his W2 that showed he had federal withholding of over $200,000 (obviously much more than I even make in a year!) I felt discouraged. 

It's not that I know that I couldn't be there someday...I just know I won't be there someday.  because I don't want to be.  I don't want to work that hard.  I know I could do it.  But it would be at the expense of my family.  But there are moments when I wish I had the same problems as a few of my clients do.