Thursday, April 28, 2011

blue and brown bathroom!

i finished the bathroom last night. 

*i love it*

i kept going in there during the day today and staring at it.  what a difference a few coats of paint and a few well placed items (and a new shelf) can do!

here was before again..for the past 5.5 years, it has been white:

And here is after - note the brown trim near the ceiling - the picture doesn't do it justice:

The best angle I could get -- the bathroom is small...

My new shelf...I love it!

Evan stayed home with me, because I was home, and two, honestly, I am just sick and tired of his teachers telling me this or that -- even though I know it's their job! (lately they keep commenting that he may be sick).  So, I was like, okay, you are sick, you are staying home with Mommy...he did have a cough and sneeze or two today, and he did nap quite a long time this afternoon, but other than that, he was fine.  I guess that is just one of the downsides of daycare...hearing things you may not want to hear...  Although it keeps you from becoming one of those annoying SAHM's who talk constantly about how their kids are super-perfect and how busy they are with everything...some days you just want to hear that your child is the best kid in class and no one else can compare! 

he was playing choo-choos today.  He loves the train table...held himself up at it for over 30 minutes...then his little leggies started shaking and wobbling so I moved him to another toy... 

Tomorrow we will try again for some 9 month pictures...we went last Thursday, and my little happy Evan was scared to death of the lady that was taking his pictures...he took one look at her and wasn't having it!  We are going to try with a different lady this time, the same lady that did his 6 month pictures, to see if that helps.  Wish us luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy into Tuesday... it only Tuesday night?   I've had a week and I haven't even been working!  At least not at work...

Sunday was crammed full of fun -- Nathan woke up early to a visit from the Easter Bunny Sunday morning...I thought he would come running out to tell me about it, but instead he just started ripping into things...he was so excited!

Evan was his usual happy self...and had fun opening his first set of Cars cars!  (isn't he adorable?  seriously....)

After church, we went, as Nathan would say, to Grandma James...the Easter Basket there was so full of candy it almost broke!

He was starving for breakfast...hard boiled eggies! 

Evan at breakfast...

After that Grandma's, we went to the next Grandma's, and Nathan did some serious egg-hunting!

however, the highlight was this "bubble airplane thing" the bunny left for Nathan...he just played and played with it...and fell asleep with it that night...

On Monday I knew I needed to get that bathroom has been on my to-do list since early I got up and headed to the Home Dumpo for some paint and got still isn't done, but maybe tomorrow I will finish with the second coat? 

Daddy brought Nathan home a cookie the other night...seriously, it was as big as his head...seriously!!

Today I sewed all day long and then had dinner with friends..a totally awesome day considering the weather.  I finished the borders and backing on the below quilt...yae!!! done!  Considering I started this quilt in the Fall of 2006, it is long overdue! 

I also finally...FINALLY!! finished some blocks on my lovely star quilt...the picture doesn't do it justice I think...I have 31 blocks done...I think I need a gabillion more, but that is okay....just happy to make some progress!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

So excited for Easter...

So many wonderful things have happened this week --  And tomorrow is Easter - the reminder that sin and evil and death have no power over us...which is so amazing and wonderful that you just can't help but feel giddy about it! 

Granted, it wasn't all roses and gumdrops all week, but I am choosing to forget all that other crap...

Monday started out with the tax deadline...yae!  We had our happy hour at the Twins Stadium, and although work has been really rough on me the past few months, a really good friend stood by me throughout a lot of it and put up with many days of "renee"...including Monday when we had lunch together and had a serious discussion about my future career plans which, although the discussion was tough (*sorry about those tears*) she totally helped me get some vision and some courage about the future which was awesome.  Later on that night, we got to tour the stadium.  They told us not to touch the grass on the field because it was just watered..but I put my foot on it and took a picture anyways.
My rebelious foot in all it's glory...

I asked my MIL to help put together some stuff for our daycares Silent Auction, which is in a few weeks.  We put together some awesome stuff (she did most of it), and I hauled it over on Thursday.  See how cute the baskets turned out?  We did a baby basket and a household item basket...all handmade!  She also make two small quilts....

I crocheted the baby blanket in the back...

The two hotpads in the back are mine...

Here are the quilts she just whipped out - she is amazing!
 On Friday our daycare was closed, so we spent the day home with the kids...Evan really enjoyed his banana crisp...maybe he is finally getting the hang of the chewing thing! 

Friday night we headed to Grandma's for some classic fried fish balls and Easter egg are the boys with Grandma..having a great time! 

Nathan gave her such a big hug she fell to the floor was hilarious...

 Today was a nice, relaxing day.  We had a great breakfast, followed by a 33 minute run by yours truly...I jogged the whole time, no stopping.  Last time I walked a little the same distance and it took me 33 minutes as well, so I think I paced myself better this time...if I could just cut out those 3 minutes, I would be estatic!  But I am so proud of myself for even being able to do 30 minutes or 3 miles, given I hate it and was so completely out of shape after having Evan.  Currently I am in the best shape I have been in years, the lowest weight I have been since college, and spring isn't even over yet! 

After that I worked on this quilt was a block of the month quilt in 2006 - 2007...I took the class the year before I had Nathan...I never finished it.  It was the first class I took and boy, can I tell...things aren't squared up, some sides are shorter than took some maneuvering to get it to look even with the borders...I am planning on donating it to the silent auction as well if I can get it close!!! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Everyone has struggles.  Some seem to have more than others. 

But I am reminded this weekend that even the holiest, most righteous human to ever walk this earth humbled himself and suffered something awful..and he did it because he chose to...and I love Jesus so much because he did it, and got through it, even though he was so scared... 

The words from Matthew keep popping into my head..."Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?"

I just keep thinking on this tonight...

and I am thinking about the woman in a red jacket today, who ran past me today while I was jogging along slowly, and she said in a happy voice, "Good Job!" As if she knew that I was struggling, she knew what a challenge it was for me to get outside and go for a run, and she knew it would lift me up.  And it did.  Thank you Woman In Red Jacket! 

And thank you to my kids, and husband, who remind me each day that what is important in life...the struggles that give rise to wonderful moments:

How we found Evan Saturday morning...
Fell asleep trying to bust out!

Easter Egg Hunt in true Minnesota Fashion!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some glimpses of the past few weeks...

I am proud to report I finally figured out how to adjust my picture settings - so that all my pictures uploaded to blogger (and thus, Picasa) will no longer be huge files in Picasa even though they show up tiny in blogger.  yae!

Nathan started swimming lessons three weeks ago already...the first time we went, Evan was so scared!  too cute....

Nathan has been doing really well....

He really has been trying to follow the teacher and move his arms like a real swimmer...

Chris has been finding some days to work on the laundry room -- as you can see, the water softener and water heater were successfully moved - we have hot and soft water, and the house didn't explode or anything.  yae!  I think the next step is putting in the sub-floor (or sub ceiling?)....that will be a huge change that pictures won't be able to truly capture.  To go from a 20+ foot ceiling to 8 feet...big difference.

Evan is officially a good crawler now.  I guess it just took some motivation on our part.  Of course, now he is getting into trouble. 
Yes, that is me with brandy and the baby.  awesome.

too cute!

After I worked yesterday, I came home and then Kevin stopped by to hang out for the evening..we were all sitting on the deck...I think I look way better in this picture than I that is good!

Kevin bought beer from the 1960' didn't taste that great to me, but it was funny.

Lovin' this picture!  Evan was just cracking up while Daddy helped him beat up Nathan...

Playing together...until Nathan needed all his screws back...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


i wish i more time to write posts.  so much has been happening.

Nathan started swimming lessons.  he is doing awesome...doing "monkey-airplane-soldier", listening to the teacher, and even getting those ears in the water (occasionally).  I can already see how athletic he is going to be.  Mommy is getting left in the dust...

I did 5K in about 40 minutes.  After I went to the dentist.  Last Wednesday.  i was happy and disappointed all at once.  typical.

Evan is crawling around town.  He is getting into trouble.  This is what I asked for, and I got it.  The other night he got to my computer.  unsupervised.  by the time Mommy found him, he had deleted my "client folders" most important folders!!!  I almost cried until I found them. 

work is literally sucking the life out of me.  i work more hours than my peers, and i am on a reduced schedule.  i get paid 20% less and am working more.  i am getting discouraged, distraught, and honestly, sick.  i have trouble eating because i am so ill throughout the day with everything i have to deal with.  it's impossible to understand what i do until you do what i do.  i think they need to have a show about being a CPA for a day or something.  people in unions would never complain again. about anything.  ever.

 no wonder there is a support group of CPA's who are alcoholics.  serious.  this has been the worst year ever, and i am considering making it my last.  i don't care who knows this anymore.  i am tired. 

and i know this is transitory.  and pointless in the grand scheme of things.  and Monday was hard.  so hard.  i watched my mom's face as the doctor told her Dad's cancer was aggressive.   something that Dad knew and didn't tell us.  and i wanted to throw up...cry...scream...anything!!!...but I didn't.  I held it in, and drove her to McDonald's, and made her eat a fish sandwich, because she needed food. 

and then i held my dad's hand as he was waking up from anesthesia.  and i haven't held my dad's hand in years.  and it scared me.  i wanted to let go.  i love my dad, but holding his hand made me feel like he wouldn't be around much longer, and i didn't like that feeling. 

so i came home.  and hugged nathan and evan with all the power in my being so that they could know that Mommy loves them so much no matter what happens. 

and I confided my deepest secrets, worries, thoughts and prayers to my husband, and then fell asleep, feeling sick and tired. 

and today i came home, feeling wiped out once again, and i went tanning.  just to spend 10 minutes pretending to lay in the bright sun with the wind blowing and the pure silence seemed like such bliss to me!

it was.  i loved it.  never before have i appreciated tanning so much.  it is going to happen much more i think.