Sunday, May 29, 2011

First trip to the dentist...success!

Nathan's first trip to the dentist on Thursday was a surprising success!  I simply cannot remember being given that treatment when I was little...I just remember being told to sit in the chair and open my mouth, and if i was good, I'd get a toothbrush.  Nathan got to touch all the dental tools, squirt water on the wall (boy did he LOVE that part), got a choice of toothpaste, and even got his picture taken in the dentist chair!  He also got to pick three toys...when we left the place, as soon as we got outside he said, "Mommy, I really like that girl! (referring to the hygenist)".  I was like, gee, really?  I wonder why. 

After the dentist we went to McDonalds for lunch, and then home to mow the lawn. 

A picture of a picture...I was being lazy...look at those pearly whites!
Given the rain and the weather, this was the second time I had mowed the lawn in less than a week.  I have simply decided that I am a whimp.  Despite months of training and exercising, my arms just can't take mowing.  They were aching on Friday and Saturday and all I can attribute it to is the lawn mowing.  Clearly Daddy needs to take over for me...I hate it anyways...always have, ever since I was little and would have to help  my parents mow the lawn.  They would scream at me if I missed the smallest blade of grass, or if I went the wrong direction and blew grass onto the rocks, or if I didn't get close enough to the trees or bushes.  Have I ever mentioned how anal my parents are about their lawn?  As they have gotten older, they have relaxed alittle about mother no longer goes around the house with the hand trimmers...but they still put most people to shame....including me!  While I like my property to look nice, I don't obsess about it....which is definately true given I can't seem to figure out HOW to mow the lawn.  I start with a plan in my head, go this way, then that way, but then I have to empty the bag, or there is a tree in my way or something, and then it just starts to seriously look like a crazy drunken madman (woman?) mowed the thing.  oh well! 

On Saturday Nathan and I had a picnic lunch outside....Daddy was gone all day, and finally some nice weather....

 The rest of the day we spent inside...this is what my family looks like when the kids are playing...diaster, but they are happy. 

They had both had their baths so thus the pj's...
 I took a few pictures of the backyard since it was looking pretty nice with the sun...this is the area where we have six dead trees...they will come down this summer...

On the ridge in the back of the next picture are four lilacs...the deer demolished one of them, but it is coming back...the two Weigela's that the voles ate I also put back there, to see if they would actually grow, as well as the burning bush.  I think one of the Weigela's may come back...but the most upsetting part was one of our neighbor's has suddenly decided it is okay to dump their grass up, we are going to have to talk to them.  Well, Chris is.  yuck.  confrontation.  why people don't respect other people's things, is beyond me, especially adults!  it is just plain rude.  This isn't the first time either...they have dumped their Christmas trees and other crap back their numerous times, and we have let it slide...but piles of rotting grass just won't has already started to compost and smell...

This is our neighbors side yard...a view from our deck...there is normally no water in this area, as it isn't even a pond, it just a filtration, you can tell we have had TONS of rain...Hopefully it will go down soon..just seems like a mosquito breeding ground to me...

Here is my cute little cactus..every spring, like clockwork, it grows a flower and it blooms...I don't know how this little guy knows it is spring, being inside all year, but he does.   

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The elusive walleye stays elusive!

So, we were supposed to go walleye fishing on Sunday or Monday, depending on the weather.  Well, friends of my parents decide like a week ago to invite the entire family over to their place on Sunday afternoon for some, then we decided to go on Friday.  Well, yesterday was cloudy, windy, cold, and wet.  And the fish...what fish?!  I think the lake was void of fish....  So, we got skunked.  Stinkin' walleye. 

I honestly don't know if I will go again...Chris and Kevin were like, "this is nothing! (referring to the weather, the wind, the cold, etc...) this is how it is...this is how you catch walleyes..."  I got sick of hearing it.    I kept thinking, well, if this is how it is, I probably won't ever catch a walleye.   I'll stick to calm, quiet lakes on bright, sunny days where I can catch sunnies. 

Last Friday Chris and his dad started on the subfloor in our laundry room. 

It wasn't long before the beams were up, and the room suddenly became much smaller.

On Sunday we went with some friends to the Blaine airport for their airport was wet, rainy, and cold.  I got a few pictures though...thankfully we left before the horrible storms rolled in..the sirens went off, and I went into "tornado mode" and our guests even huddled in our crawl space with us for 30 minutes.  I was glad though...better safe than sorry!  All ended up well though...and we had fun and the kids were going in Nathan and their daughter Anna. 

Here are the boys in front of an airplace...

I love that Anna's shirt says "critterlicious!"

Nathan thought this firetruck was beyond cool. 
 On Monday Chris and his dad worked on the ceiling some more, and roughed in the closet.  You can kind of start to see where this is going now...the closet is going to have shelves on the left, and then room for coats to hang out in the back, and a space for a broom or two as well. 

This is the access to the storage -- pull down steps, which still need to be modified.  We looked to see if we could crawl in from upstairs, but there wasn't enough clearance...

On Monday night while Daddy and Grandpa worked, Nathan and Evan took a bath together for the first time (usually Nathan doesn't want to share the tub). 

You wouldn't ever believe that a few weeks ago Evan would SCREAM when we put him in we can't keep him out of it...and now he SCREAMS when you take him out before his brother.  goodness!
Here he is crying...wanting to go back into the tub with Nathan!
That's all for now...the boys are currently watching Bolt and I am about to make Evan his  bedtime bottle and put him to bed.  He got the latest virus again and is majorly congested, and has crap coming out of his eyes again, poor boy.  Daddy is out playing with friends today, so I have been busy doing all the household (can we say 8 loads of laundry? yup.  and cleaning.  and putting away.  and washing) stuff.  But, I did manage one "big" errand...Uncle Kevin came over and helped me run down to Fireside to pick up our granite and mantel!  yae!!  now all I have to do (ha ha) is stain and varnish it, and then have Chris put it up, and it is one big project off the list.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dish rag...apparently....

First, an update on my hardanger for my Mom -- getting closer!  I have 50% of the cutting and inside stitching now done.  I am lovin' doing the little squares...the big ones, eh, not so much.  If you click on the picture you can see the detail that is required of the big squares.  Unfortunately, I have really lost my desire to work on this thing.  At night the sun is out late, the kids have been playing...just doesn't make me want to curl up and stitch....nope!

I had the "ladies" over for some sewing last Friday night...and one of them brought this dishrag pattern that three of us suddenly decided to work on...but seriously, does this look like a dish rag to you?  Not to me!  The pattern said it would take two hours too..but it took a solid 3 so they are a bunch of liars.  Anyways, I don't think I will be making this again and honestly, I am not sure what to do with it now....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Monday...Last Day of swimming lessons

Last Monday Nathan had his last week of swimming lessons...for weeks he had been refusing to jump into the water -- we weren't sure why, but something scared him.  We tried everything to convince him it was fun to jump in -- but he was not having it!  The past two weeks I had to go down below (usually i sit up top and watch) and pick Nathan up and toss him in the water because he wouldn't go in. 

 Before this last class, I started to talk to him about it, because he jumps like a crazy daredevil at home (off the couch, off the beds, off the walls...etc!) and he goes, "Mom, I don't want to talk about it.  Stop talking about it!" And so I stopped talking about --- when he and Daddy got to the pool...guess who jumped in?!!

Look at that splash! 
I seriously had to restrain myself from jumping up and yelling, "Yae Nathan!! You did it!  You jumped in!  Way to go!!  It's about frickin' time!" It reminded me of the time when he waved when I asked him to, or when he finally went #2 after months of holding it...only another Mom will understand that feeling...I wish I could explain it better... 
Jumping into the deep end!  go Nathan!

He was the best backfloater...Monkey Airplane Soldier!
Since he did awesome, and because it was his last class, we went to McDonalds for dinner, and Nathan was so excited because actually went in rather than through the drive-thru...

And Daddy bought us ice cream after dinner!!  Yum!  It had been awhile since I had McDonald's ice was good. 

On Tuesday Chris decided to tackle the tree that half fell over in a bad storm last you can see, it was at about a 45 degree angle -- the base was rotting.  In addition to this tree, we have about 6 more trees that have bit the dust to the right of this one that need to be is a lot of work though. 

Timber!  Our neighbors wanted the wood, so they came over and helped Chris -- which was great.  He got out his Chevy truck and helped rip the stump out of the ground. 

I love this picture...Nathan was watching so closely...

And lastly, a picture of Evan on the move...he definately doesn't like being left behind, and knows how to tell us he is dang pissed if we do!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Planting day

We have been so busy with things lately I am talking about things that happened a week ago already...

Last Sunday while Daddy and Evan were at the doctor, Nathan and I headed to get some new plants that the voles had attacked, and some other random things we found. 

He saw some marigolds and goes, "mommy!  dandelions!  Can we have some?!"  So we bought a few of those, and a tomato plant and a pepper plant.  I put those on the deck..we will see if they survive in a pot with the heat and the wind of the deck...

He loved helping to plant everything...

But he loved the watering even more...he must have made 25 trips before he told me he was all done watering because he was "so tired..."

After Daddy and Evan went to the doctor, they had to go to Target to get Evan his prescription...Daddy went a little overboard and bought all of our summer/spring favorites...steak for the grill, grilled bread, corn, mushrooms to go along with the steak and asparagus which we did in the much food but it was soooooo good!

First corn of the season -- not the best, because it wasn't local, but still tasty!

Finally a day with sun...Gigi was in her glory...
So far, my new plants have all survived -- I still owe my roses some major TLC, but with all the rain and storms lately, just haven't had time...hopefully this week...and hopefully I can takes some pics of the new shrubs and landscaping to share...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mommy...Evan peed in my room...

Last Monday we came home and I immediately put Evan in the tub because he had bad bad diaper rash. 

After the tub I let him "air out"...

I needed to change my clothes so I put Evan in Nathan's room and told Nathan to keep the door shut for a few minutes so Evan couldn't escape. 

Those two were having a ball....laughing and giggling at each other...i heard Nathan jumping off the bed and then Evan would just laugh and was fun to listen to...all of a sudden, Nathan got a mad voice and goes "Evan, you stay here!" and then I hear Nathan open and close his door, so I asked Nathan what was wrong, he goes, "Mommy, Evan peed in my room!  On my blanket!  all over!"

Nathan was so serious it just made me laugh.  He was very upset until I told him he could help me clean it up with the spray bottle...then he decided it was totally awesome Evan peed on his floor (he loves using the spray bottle...what kid doesn't?!)

Note the cute baby bum in the corner!
 Those two just love playing with each other...most of the Nathan was trying to stay away from Evan...Evan wasn't having it!

He is such a little boy now...
 Last Friday it got so frickin' cold, I was lucky I found a hat I forgot to put away in the Acadia and then I left Evan in his flannel pj's when we went for a walk.  He stayed home with me Thursday and Friday because he wasn't feeling well...he looked so goofy I had to take a picture. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dandelions in the wind...

A week or so ago there were no dandelions around.   Then it rained, and got really warm, and all of these yellow flowers popped up everywhere. 

Nathan loved it.   He picked one at school and must have hauled it around quite a while one day because he proudly gave me a "purty flower" when I picked him up that had pretty much been squished into nothingness.  I was proud to receive it. 

But it only took a few days for all of the pretty yellow flowers to go to seed, and today when it was windy, the sky was full of the dandelion seeds flying around all over like crazy. 

I went for an eight mile bike ride tonight, and I thought about this.  It seems like when these seeds fly around they have no purpose...they are just getting blown around every which way without any sort of direction.  It made me think how life is like we just tend to get caught up in our little tiny area of life and let ourselves just get blown all over the place. 

I started to feel kind of sorry of myself, and for everyone, because life is completely out of our control, and we are just along for the ride...a mentor and friend of mine had horrible news to share today...her two year old daughter is very sick, leukemia, and I just thought and thought about that and how it is just crap...just completely random that this is happening to her, just completely crappy that somehow her path was to struggle through this...argh!!  just like the direction, no plan, nothing! just flying along on the wind not able to do or change anything.  I started to get dang pissed....

But, then I realized something, and I just started to smile.  Obviously the dandelion craziness is working for the dandelion -- I looked around --  they are frickin' everywhere!!  Anywhere there is a wee bit of dirt, there's a dandelion plugging along.  Those dandelions may not have any control, but they are thriving.  The dandelion knows better than I trust and hang on for the ride!  None of us know why some dandelions land where they do...but God does.  He knows.  He's in control.  And the dandelions trust Him...and they thrive. 
Oh to be like the dandelion in the wind...that is my prayer tonight... 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No pink eyes for Evan...

but two ear infections instead?   they aren't 100% sure, but the ears are inflamed/red, and the goop coming out of his eyes?  just snot. gross!!  apparently you can get so congested mucus can come out of the corner of your eyes.  yuck!...and apparently this isn't rare. 

it's rare to me, we are on antibiotics now, which, in the case the eye does start to go into anything, it won't, and this will clear up the ears.  Evan's first dose of antibiotics, so this is actually a success if I look at the big picture here (unless i forgot if he ever was on them, but I am pretty sure Nathan was the one who needed them this winter once or twice, and not the baby)...unfortunately, we have to figure out what to do about tomorrow and work...even if Evan is better, he should probably be home for a solid 24 hours at least on antibiotics. 

It has been a really looooonnnnnnngggggggg weekend. 

We had tix to the Twins game on Saturday, and it was freezing (40 degrees), windy, and rainy. 

Do I know how to pick them or what?!

We sat in our seats until the 4th inning...huddled in the concourse until the 7th inning, and then I had to go stand in the warm bar area because I couldn't move my fingers.  I don't know why I didn't wear my winter boots, my snow pants, and my thermal mittens with the little zipper pouches for the hand warmers.  Seriously I might as well been a teenager thinking shorts in the middle of December was totally "cool".  Or, as Karen educated me last night, was totally "legit" (I guess that is the cool saying on the street, however ridiculous it sounds).

Although, I did dress in layers and even wore long john's in preparation but apparently it just wasn't enough.  As Nathan would say, "Mommy, you made a bad choice."

So, today, Daddy and Evan went to the doctor, Mommy and Nathan went to get some shrubs to replace ones that had been snacked on during winter by the vicious voles.

I needed two Polka Weigela's, which I found, and I also needed to replace my Dwarf Burning Bush.  I decided not to get another burning bush, because it didn't seem to do well.  I chose a Diablo Ninebark...I had seen it before numerous times, but had no idea what it was called.  Apparently the Ninebark has been around for ages, since the 1800's, but the Diablo version is relatively new.  It took me FOREVER to dig out the old plants and put new ones in.  I will have to post pictures tomorrow.  maybe.  if I have time. 

I can't believe it is 9:30 already.  days fly by. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

I thought I wrote a blog post yesterday...

but maybe I was just doing it in my head...because I don't see it on here...and, in addition, I have been so distracted lately I have been doing weird, last night, I went to throw out the tablespoon or so of my beverage in the sink and i put it in the garbage instead.

As I dumped it into the garbage, I was like...what am I doing? 

Then, later, I go to wash my hands, turn on the faucet and then pump the soap from the dispenser into the sink (not into my hands) and I am like, what the heck am I doing?

I guess thinking about work, and life, and healthcare, and two sick kids (had a puker and a pooper this week, to put it mildly) have me *slightly* distracted. 

Did I leave the clothes in the dryer?

Did I take the diapers outside?

What did I do with my cup?  (later I will find I have like 5 cups all over the house...)

I would say I was tired...but I am not tired...the wheels in my mind are on overdrive.

I think I need a mental vacation.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday Surprise!

Friday was a tad more stressful than I thought.  Chris stayed home from work so he could do some shopping with me for some looooooonnnng overdue items for our house (but, you can't get everything when you want it, some things just have to wait!).  I had coffee with a friend and then we headed out.  We found a wood surround and some granite for our fireplace, which was really exciting.  It was about a $1,000 less than what I had in my head too because we don't need a custom one and we are staining it and varnishing it ourselves. 

But, then we headed over to the tile place to get ideas for a backsplash for our kitchen.  I got a call from work which was a big downer...suddenly this client (who was been kind of ridiculous lately) wanted something that is only 50% done.  Frustration.  Then, after that, a sales person came over and asked us what we were looking for, and we told him, and then he asked us what our countertops were, and I said formica, and he made a face! 

Can we say granite/silestone/cambria countertop snobs! 
I love my formica.  ha. 
so, we left, I was disgruntled. 
I came home, worked for two hours, had a nice night of Chinese food with my mom, but then worked another two hours, and then went to bed.  whew.

But, Saturday turned out awesome which was a great surprise -- it was Family Fun Day at our daycare and the Silent Auction.  It was supposed to rain, but it was 70 and sunny...I was in charge of the Hula Hoop contest for 1.5 hours...dang, I was tired of Hula Hooping after that!

Here are some pics from that....

Nathan getting a tattoo...

Bean bag toss

Evan in his hat and odd outfit Daddy put him in....

After that, we ran home quick and then got ready to take Grandpa's boat out fishing.  Nathan wasn't going to get a nap today!

These next two pictures are hilarious...because Daddy and Nathan totally look alike...

On the lake!

The fishing started out slow but then Grandpa had these Rapala things and the fish attacked them!  It was crazy and I had never seen anything like that could actually see the fish following the lure and then jump up and grab the thing. 
Nathan driving...

Once we started getting fish, he loved the Live Well!

Getting so big...

Holding his fish..braver than Mommy!
All in all, it was a crazy busy day that was really fun.  Chris and I put the kids to bed once we got home and ordered a pizza.  It was really good.  And then I was really tired.  It definately is different sleeping in a hotter house at night with this weather rather than a cool will take some getting use to!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cleaning out the inbox...

So, I am taking a break from my final 25% off day at Target...(whew...spent over $300 already...all on boring stuff like toilet paper and ziploc bags!) and have decided to clean out parts of my inbox. 

I found this email I sent to a few friends after St. Patrick's Day, to let them know how crazy my job is!...this is after they handed out free green bagels that morning...

Partner: That is a really green bagel…*he is not smiling*

Me: Yes. I usually don’t eat stuff with food coloring, but I am embracing the green today! *said happily, smiling*
Partner: Why?
Me: Because it is St. Patrick’s day!
Partner: I know, so you should wear it.
Me: I am wearing green.
Partner: No, you should wear your bagel on your head. *said seriously and he walks away*
Me: Ummm..okay.

People are losing it around here!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weird day.

Today a lot of odd things happened. 

At work, I had to attend an 8 hour ethics class that I thought would be boring.  because almost all ethics classes are...  The instructor opened the class by pulling something out of his pocket and then it erupted into flames - seriously, real flames.  it definately got my attention! 

then he showed movie clips, and it was like a blast from the past...all day long he showed random clips from random things...very thought provoking, clips from Dead Poet's Society, Ghandi, A Beautiful Mind, Life is Beautiful, The Perfect Storm, a Geico Commercial...i found his concepts interesting. 

For instance, he talked about the five "F's" in our lives.  Family, Fun, Faith, Finance and Friends...and you think about how important each of those is in your life...and then what you do is figure out how much time and money you spend on each of those things and see if it lines up...I was thinking about how family and faith is really important to me...but i am not sure if that lines up with how i spent my time or my money...thought provoking for sure...

After class I was walking to the bus, and there were these two girls in front of me discussing something and I wasn't paying attention at all because honestly, I don't really pay attention to people much when I am thinking, and I was thinking.  All of a sudden they stop and the one girl turns around, looks at me and goes, "What color do you think this is?  Is it black, or brown?"  And I was like, "are you asking me about your dress?"  And her friend goes, "yeah!  what color?!" And I am like, "it's black".  And the girl wearing the dress was like, "no it's not!  It's brown!"  And her friend is like, "See?  Total strangers think it is black!" and they start arguing again. 

odd.  and it was definately black.

So, then I get to the bus stop, and it was windy.  It is windy a lot on the street where our bus picks up -- I think it is something to do with the way the city is designed.  So, this older women sitting on the bench suddenly says to me (as I am getting almost knocked down by the wind) that her SIL once was caught in a tornado and she held onto her car for dear life and her garage was lifted up and tossed away by this tornado but her SIL wasn't because she was fat and she held onto her car...and her SIL then swore she would never lose weight after that. 

Then I discover that this all happened when the tornado went through St. Peter which was odd since I knew exactly what she was talking about...well, the bus came and sure enough, she sat next to me.  I was like, oh great....she tried to make small talk but she wasn't very good at it because I responded back to her comment and the wind and she got all snappy and was like, "what are you talking about?!"  (I told her that Chicago really isn't the windiest city and she disagreed and asked me why they call it that then to which I responded "i don't know" and then the conversation died). 

Or so I thought.  When we got to the park and ride, she suddenly tells me, as we drive up on the bus, that she always looks to see if her car is still there.  So, I am like, "why, has it been stolen before?"  And tells me that no, but two weeks ago she left her keys in the car with the car running all day, and she was shocked when she got back to her car that afternoon to find it like that and not stolen. 

How she managed that one, I dunno...

Can't believe tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo already...wasn't it ever even April? 

Not sure if my Shasta Daisies will make it...I think I did the splitting wrong...they look kind of sick...

time for bed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Crafty update

Last night I realized Mother's Day was a week away...yikes! I was planning on finishing this hardanger for my mom since she loves Lilies of the Valley...tonight I finished the stitching on all the main is the cutting, and then winding...there are some little cross-stitches that should be done going all the way around, but I dunno if I am going to do those or not...either way...I don't know if I am going to finish on time. 

so pretty though...

And on Thursday, despite my huge to-do list, I kept Evan home with me and then decided to work on some Snap Purses....I was just longing for something new to do.  You make them out of two fat quarters so how frickin' easy is that....I have made nine of took me about 3 hours to cut all the pieces, about 3 hours to sew them as far as they are below...I've even made some "boy" ones as you can see -- Tonka Trucks!  I am so excited to start cutting the measuring tape up and finish these...but am wondering if I should add some buttons and sequins and stuff..wouldn't that be fun?!!!

That's all for now on the crafty update.