Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And almost in the ditch....

We got a new camera for Christmas...and have been practicing on it.  The only thing it doens't do on "auto" is take pictures in low light, but I found when I switch it to the low light setting, it does really well.  Pretty cool for a pretty small camera. 

Nathan got a V.Tech V.Smile system from his Uncle for Christmas.  We hooked it up on Christmas Day and he loved it, but it only came with six very short games.  On Thursday we returned items while Nathan and Evan were at Grandma and Grandpa's playing with Izzy and Henry..boy did they LOVE that!  They just had the best of time.  Anyways, Chris and I went to 5 stores and only one store had a game for this system Nathan got...turns out, the system had been discontinued, which was why it was for sale at Fleet Farm in the first place (where we had to return it to).  Anyways, since Nathan loved it so much, we got him a "MobiGo" handheld game instead -- more expensive, but better for us because he won't be on the tv.  Well, the kid just loves it! 

His first try at the MobiGo...I hope this toy lasts!  So far he is taking real good care of it...

Trying on a new shirt - he possibly has a broken wrist??  We hopefully will find out today...

Camera test -- too cute!

typical renee pose...on the phone, curled up, warm socks, brandy.

Gotta love Roar!

Few things in life better than a clean kitchen...especially after it has been dirty for DAYS....
This is Kevin below...reading on the internet about the Saturn...why you ask?  Because as I was running errands on Friday, including a trip down to the U to turn in my graded papers, I was turning onto the entrance ramp on 35W and my car wouldn't turn - it was like it locked up and slowed down - almost into the ditch I went.  I cranked the wheel hard - it was like driving the H or B Farmall tractor, and got it to the other side of the road.  I shut the car off and turned it back on, but the thing wasn't working.  I called Chris - the day before he had purchased a part since it had been shifting really hard and had replaced it - obviously it did NOT fix the problem.  I sat on the side of the road for about 45 minutes until Chris came....he started the car up - no problems whatsoever, and drove the stupid thing home.  We took the side roads. 

It was pretty scary.  I am just glad I didn't have the kids with and it didn't happen while going 60 mph on the freeway...can't imagine what would have happened then. 

Well, so Kevin came over later and fortunately, the car acted up for him so he could see what it was doing...turns out the part Chris had put in the day before was DEFECTIVE.  ARGH.  Anyways, Chris and I were talking and I am just not trusting that car lately.  Putting my kids in it makes me nervous.  It hasn't done anything since, but it has had issues for months.  We have started thinking about a new car...it is 8+ years old, even though it only has like 70,000 miles on it.  I don't really want a car payment though, but who does?   

So, Santa always buys me a MN New Years Day Lottery ticket, and last night, when I was looking up the numbers, I seriously thought for a moment that this was my time, and when Chris came home to pick up the kids I would look at him with a shocked face and say, "we won a million dollars". 

Well, it wasn't.  Not one number that started with 581 won.  Not even a lousy $100. 

Today is my last day off.  Not really a day off at all...it is a Tuesday, and I am washing sheets and doing the things I would normally do on a Tuesday, with the exception of I cannot seem to get out of bed in the morning (how said is 8:47?!!! pretty sad!!!).  Anyways, I ate breakfast and wasn't feeling good...wrenched my neck (my neck has been very sore since I was sick over Christmas anyways) and then went for a run. 

11:57 minute mile =  LAME.  Pretty bummed. We will see how I do on Friday.  My running days are Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.  I have to be tough on myself...I have three boys to keep up with!

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