Friday, January 27, 2012

Our new tree!

I have been meaning to post pics of my tree for awhile.  I had an old fake tree from my parents in this corner, and it was like 20 years old, and if you even looked at it the wrong way, a leaf or stem would just fall off.  Anyways, I had a gift certificate, and got this tree and I love it!
Nathan insisted it get decorate with Candy Canes even though Christmas was over...

I put twinkle lights on it, on a time.  They go on at 5 and off at 10!  I love that.

Notice my one Valentine's deco is out...
 I also got a new camera for Christmas that has some cool settings...the boys were wrestling (yes, this happens A LOT...BOYS!) and the pictures aren't blurry like they used to be!

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