Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A rare glimpse....

I think every Mom needs a small, private place of her own.  I have one...however, sometimes it gets invaded....

Here comes the intruder!
I don't really care what people think about me when it comes to my closet is my sanctuary many days.  It is a walk-in closet, and it has a vent, and a bookshelf that holds mostly my stuff (actually, mostly my stuffed animals from when I was younger that I still love). 

I normally  have two or three pillows in there, some blankets, a book or two I am currently reading, a few books that I own, my journal (which I haven't written in in ages), and all the normal closet stuff.  There have been many tears wept in that closet, many long nights laying there on that floor, thinking, praying, worrying, thanking, praising.  Probably not enough of the thanking and too much of the worrying, but I do the best I can! 

Where is your sanctuary? 

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