Monday, January 2, 2012

Santa came to our house!

After we packed up from my Mom's house, we came home to find that Santa had arrived at our house as well!  Nathan was pretty surprised to find his new bike.  It was so warm that the next day (the 26th) we actually were able to go outside and ride it around the culdeesac. 

There are no pictures of Evan, well, because, we didn't know it at the time, but he did not sleep the night before very well at all and was a crank so we had put him to bed..well, because he had the stomach bug (which we realized later when our very good eater wouldn't eat).  Which I got a few hours (minutes) after these pictures were taken...I thought it was just me and my usual nervousness, but while watching the TBS marathon of the Christmas story, I ran to the bathroom, and well, you know the rest of the story.

I spent the night laying downstairs on the couch drinking Powerade and eventually making progress to a cracker with some butter.  I got the chills and Chris did tell me I had a temp, so I managed to keep down some Tylenol which helped.  My brother got me the DVD "Fiddler on the Roof" though, which is 180 minutes long, so I actually got through the whole thing, although, I did fall asleep at the end.  Honestly though, most of the good songs are in the first two hours...

The next day I went over to my parents to take care of the dog and cats...I was supposed to be over there Monday and Tuesday night without interruptions so I could scrapbook, but Daddy wanted to go to the Wild game with his brother Monday night so I had to come back home to watch the kids.  It was a blessing though, because after Daddy left Nathan threw up three times for me.  By the time Chris got home, Nathan was on his third round of pj's, the bedding was in the wash, and the floors had been scrubbed.  I was glad Nathan wasn't with anyone else because it would have just spread was a short lived thing though, by Tuesday afternoon everyone's tummies were feeling much better.  Good thing we didn't plan on any school for the week!

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