Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time to let go...

At church last weekend, somehow, in between the picking up and putting down of Evan, the request for a "drink" or "snack", and the dropping of books and toys on the floor, I managed to hear a little bit of what the homily was about. 

I think it was pretty boring for the most part (sorry, this one was...) but what I do remember is the priest talking about how everyone is born, but some people in their lives are reborn.   Maybe once, or twice, or more. 

I feel as if I have been traveling on a path of change I have finally decided to accept.  Its not really a path I wanted, which is why I fought it for a very long time.  I think it is a path that God wants me to take, because He wants all of me, heart and soul, and He is fighting for me to let go...

I have so many things I am working on to let go of...some of them I put aside softly, gently...carefully....

Other things I am just tossing out the window and never want to see them again - I have to fight these - tooth and nail - to keep them away.

Have you ever tried to let go of something?  --  a habit, a concern, a bad relationship?  Spring and Lent is always a good time to try and get rid of some of the clutter.

Some people say it takes two times to develop a bad habit, but 21 times (or days) to develop a good habit.  Another article I read said it can take 66 days to develop a good habit -- no wonder I struggle!  I think I usually give up after three. 

I will share one new habit I have started...and its probably been 66 days now...In January, I started eating breakfast.  Everyday.  For my entire life I pretty much have avoided it.  Now I usually have a yogurt and a piece of fruit.  Honestly, I really don't enjoy it...but I do think I think about it less...I go to work, get to my desk, and go, okay, where is my fruit/yogurt?  So, I guess it is a habit now! 

speaking of habits...Roary is licking the waste paper basket again.  Cats have weird habits. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

A quick project for my mom...

I am supposed to have Fridays off, but lately have been too busy to take them (since I haven't been able to go in on Saturday mornings)...but, one Friday I had to take the car in to the shop and run other errands, and so I stopped and found this fabric that was really cute. 

I called my mom and told her about it and I knew she had been looking for a hand towel with cute bunnies on it for some time to put on her counter top.  The dimensions she wanted were odd (like 8 by 19 inches), but when you make your own things, you can request stuff like I whipped this out in a few hours. 

My only regret was the binding...I should have made it a little smaller...but either way, my mom loved it and now it sits on her counter...

St. Patrick's Day came and went, but not without a tad bit o' fun...two drops of food coloring in my beer made it look like lime koolaid!  tasted good too!  This was a fun night..we had friends over and grilled out and then played Settlers...something I haven't done in ages.   I almost won too...Chris beat me, which isn't abnormal, but the fact that I got close was pretty nice...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

No, we don't feed our kids ice cream for dinner!

What are you, nuts?!

That would be really insane and totally irresponsible!!

I can only imagine what Michelle Obama would say!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprised how little I miss Facebook....

As these pictures for this post were downloading, I decided to check Facebook.  Recently, I deleted it off my phone, and it was a joy.  No more constant notifications.  I also don't enjoy coming home from working 14 hours to sit in front of a computer, so I haven't been checking it here either.  I would rather sit with my kitties.

Roary is so funny at times.   But he knows when I need a friend...and he sits on my lap and comforts me after a long day....

 Not the best picture of me, but this is what you get after you spend all day looking at state composite returns! 

Evan had a "Pet week" at school a few weeks ago, and had to bring in pictures of his pets.  I was like, Poor Gigi, rarely photographed!  So, when she was out one day, I snapped some pictures of her.  She has been suffering lately with another flare up of her colitis, so is on steriods and antibiotics again.  Poor thing. 

She has gained some of her weight back though -- getting her little pooch back!  You go girl!

If you check Facebook a lot, or even post a lot on it, I recommend you try giving it up for a week or two, and see how freeing it feels.  Its so nice not to be reminded of everyone else's opinions on silly things or serious things...or their daily activities...and then when you see that person, you can talk about things without knowing everything already.  Very nice. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So tired...

this is what happens when you have hand/foot/mouth and mommy is ignoring you...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sorry door, you lose.

In February, Chris and I decided it was time. 

Yes, time to finish up some more things in the basement...especially the bathroom.  This all goes hand in hand with Christopher building himself a new desktop computer (his first in like 12 years) which he can then play the new game that is coming out in May.  Yes, folks, the kids are grown and he is moving back down to the basement for his hours of gameplay.  That's okay though, the kids love the toys down there, and it is going to be awesome to have some stuff completed.

We went on a Thursday night and picked out all sorts of stuff, countertops, shower, pre-fab cabinets (we want things to look nice but we don't want to go all crazy...I don't understand the need for granite countertops in my laundry each their own!), toilets, faucets...etc..  We couldn't fit it all in the car Thursday, so Kevin and Chris picked the rest of it up the following Friday.

I was thinking of doing a tile shower, but given the cost, decided on a one piece one...well, we couldn't get it in the house with the exception of one door - our sliding glass door needed to come out...

It took the boys an hour, and some crafy and crazy attempts (I could hear, Well, if the door breaks, Renee doesn't like it anyways...) they got it out.

Ha!  Door: 0 Husband: 1

Hard at work...Shower to the left...inside the house!
 Below is the laundry room...across from the new closet that we put in last spring/summer, along with the subfloor above.  I decided I wanted to do a drop-in sink on a countertop here, with a cabinet below and a cabinet above.  It is going to take some, among other things.  My job is to stain the cabinets...I wonder where I will put my calendar when its done?

Here is the future's roughed in so that is nice.  It has simply been storage for years...Chris is going to need to figure out where to put the top of his desk (the big blue thing).  I would clean and start to organize down there more, but with work being busy, I haven't had the energy or time. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Indoor Playplace...

Like two months ago, the boys had both of their checkups and our right as we were heading out the door the doctor's office called and cancelled because our doctor was sick.

So, I took the boys to a new indoor play area not too far from our house.  They had a fun time...we went again a few weeks later with friends...boy, does Nathan get a workout!

Evan enjoyed the little slide until I took him down the big slide!

Daddy and the boys down the orange slide - that one was my favorite!

Nathan's Photo Shoot & Valentine's Day

yes, I know it is already past St. Patrick's Day, but I did want to put this picture of Nathan's first Valentine's he did by himself as he doesn't enjoy writing but did a great job with these and had fun:

Another day in February Nathan wanted me to take a picture of him and Roary sitting by the fire...then, Nathan kept asking me to take pictures of him being goofy...the last one is my favorite. 

I love how Roary just sits there and doesn't care...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's Evan been up to lately?

Well, I am so glad you asked!  This little boy is busy with always trying to keep up with his brother...although, he is definately different from his brother.

Like Chris pointed out to me, Evan likes to examine a situation before he "jumps in"...he takes his time and decides what he wants to do and where he wants to go.  Most of the time, he decides after watching Nathan for a bit, that piling up the pillows and rolling around and jumping off the couch looks like great fun! 

He is in daycare and is 18 months old...while he hasn't had a bout of sickness like he did in the fall, we just got over hand/foot/mouth, and just today now Daddy is sick with some stomach bug Evan had last week.  This is the worst part about daycare...the constant sicknessess.  Although, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because Nathan rarely gets sick anymore. 

At Christmas, we discovered Evan is scared to death of whoopie cushions...which has now progressed to anyone blowing up a balloon.  He shrieks in terror and runs away, and all we can pretty much do about it is laugh.

Like his brother, he is saying words now, but not streaming together sentences like lots of little girls at this age seem to be able to do.  He love saying Mama, Dada, no, ut-oh, all gone, kitty, (animal sounds), duck....we occasionally will get a sentence out of him like, "no, dat's mine!" but other than that, nothing consistent yet.  It is amazing though that he understands everything I tell him. 

He has never been afraid of snow, or wet, or getting left behind...although slower than his brother, he usually just chugs along, knowing he will eventually catch up.  He loves going down the slides..and gets frustrated he cannot yet climb up them like Nathan.

He loves meat.  If you give him sweets or a piece of roast or chicken, he usually choose the chicken.  We decided he gets this from Grandpa Schwartz. 

He is a thumb sucker...or at least, he always has his thumb in his mouth.  I don't really like it, but it makes him happy.  He hasn't latched onto any stuffed animals or any blankets or anything like that, which I find so odd. 

He makes us laugh with his silliness.  He is a joy! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long blog...

Things have been interesting lately.  Nothing serious, but I have been working on making positive personal changes in my life, nothing I want to really elaborate on here...well, no one reads this anyways, which is why I stopped blogging!

But, my sister had a good point last night, at how fun it will be when the kids are older (although, they are boys so they won't care as much as girls) to read about all this stuff they did when they were younger.  So, maybe I will blog a little more here now.

I have also quit checking Facebook, and it was so nice to delete that program off my phone.  All day long it would constantly tell me there were "notifications"...that some person I know had "gone shopping and forgotten the eggs" or "can't believe how crazy the kids are this AM"...nothing wrong with people posting stuff like that mind you, but just boring. 

The boys did swimming lessons in January and February...Nathan excelled...the teacher says he is ready for the next class (without a parent) but that he isn't old enough.  We decided not to do spring classes anyways with how busy we are this time of year due to my work schedule so it wasn't a big deal. 

Evan did well too...he cried the entire first lesson, but then got more used to it as we went on...he definately did not love it though like Nathan did...someday.  here are some pics of that:

Evan was crying, Daddy was laughing...precious!  This was Evan's first time in the big pool..

Swimming and smiling!

No longer afraid to get his head in and swim!