Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long blog...

Things have been interesting lately.  Nothing serious, but I have been working on making positive personal changes in my life, nothing I want to really elaborate on here...well, no one reads this anyways, which is why I stopped blogging!

But, my sister had a good point last night, at how fun it will be when the kids are older (although, they are boys so they won't care as much as girls) to read about all this stuff they did when they were younger.  So, maybe I will blog a little more here now.

I have also quit checking Facebook, and it was so nice to delete that program off my phone.  All day long it would constantly tell me there were "notifications"...that some person I know had "gone shopping and forgotten the eggs" or "can't believe how crazy the kids are this AM"...nothing wrong with people posting stuff like that mind you, but just boring. 

The boys did swimming lessons in January and February...Nathan excelled...the teacher says he is ready for the next class (without a parent) but that he isn't old enough.  We decided not to do spring classes anyways with how busy we are this time of year due to my work schedule so it wasn't a big deal. 

Evan did well too...he cried the entire first lesson, but then got more used to it as we went on...he definately did not love it though like Nathan did...someday.  here are some pics of that:

Evan was crying, Daddy was laughing...precious!  This was Evan's first time in the big pool..

Swimming and smiling!

No longer afraid to get his head in and swim!

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